Writers invited to enter literary comp

The annual Kootenay Literary Competition has been launched and is now open for adult people

Four electoral areas slated for Columbia-Kootenay region

People seem happy with the status quo when it comes to the Kootenay East riding boundary

Trudeau’s Liberals reaching out to B.C.

A letter to the editor from Canal Flats coucillor Paul Marcil

Invermere judo benefits from champions’ teachings

For most of our Invermere Judo Club members, new and returning, judo began on September 15th

More wildlife crossings announced for Kootenay Park

Politicians announced an investment to enhance safety through the construction of additional wildlife crossing structures in KNP

The elephant in the room: arguing differences of opinion

A letter to the editor from Peter Christensen of Radium Hot Springs

Jeweller Bayot Heer makes an appearance at Artym

August has gone by so quickly — we have reached the end of the Artym summer shows already!

Softball season a smashing success

The local softball season wraps up for another year.

This is one gala you don’t want to miss

A piece of me is missing. I gave it away a long time ago, and I expect I will never get it back.

Getting high on Houndstooth Spire

The Bugaboos Teens climbing program got off to an auspicious start

Backcountry cabin explodes

A family vacation at a mountain cabin in the valley nearly ended in tragedy

The Artym attracts two highly acclaimed artists

The Artym Gallery is pleased to present painter Cameron Bird and sculptor Sandy Graves this Friday, July 18th and Saturday, July 19th.

Great generousity backs Giving Back golf tournament once again

Windermere Valley Golf Course has a long history of giving back to our community.

Endangered frog takes a leap forward

The endangered northern leopard frog, the most at-risk amphibian in British Columbia, is taking a leap forward on its path to recovery

Amateur photographers can enter the Your Best Shot contest

Contest open to participants across the province. Deadline to enter amateur photo contest is July 4. Time is running out. Enter today.

Helping Kootenay bats hold on

Want to learn more about the unique world of bats? Do you want free mosquito control?

May 19 has come and gone, now Victoria must be accountable for MMBC mess

The Province's new recycling fee system has been implemented, and Buckerfields CEO Kelvin McCulloch has noticed the trickle...

The cat came back — a story of hope and happiness

The first part is ICAN’s account of its rolein the reunion, and the second part is by Kara Cassidy, the grateful owner of Ritzy

Buying a Used Car? Protect Yourself

When buying a used vehicle, you should do your homework, says CarProof. 150,000 British Columbians buy from a private seller each year.

British Columbia’s Blue Box Battle

B.C. business owner lays out his issues with Province's MMBC recycling plan; calls it a 'cash and power grab'