Wendy Booth

Regional Rundown: Achieving more together

In December 2013, the Columbia Valley Community Priorities Plan was completed.

Regional Rundown: A look back and a look ahead for Area F

Recently, the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted the sixth annual local government update luncheon.

Regional Rundown: Volunteers make the Columbia Valley go around

When people think about the way decisions are made by elected officials, they often picture a boardroom

Regional Rundown: Regional district continues to forge ahead

The first draft of the Toby Benches OCP is nearing completion.

Regional Rundown: Valley-based strategic priorities decided by RDEK

(RDEK)Board adopted an 18-month Strategic Priorities Plan. This is the work plan for RDEK staff, outside of day-to-day operations.

Regional Rundown: Changes in the Columbia Valley Community Directed Funds Program

The Columbia Valley Community Directed Funds program, which has been in place for the past three years, is now complete

Regional Rundown: Area F director discusses Columbia Basin Trust

In early April, the Columbia Basin Trust held its board meeting in Fairmont Hot Springs.

Regional Rundown: The regional district’s financial plan process

One could think, “That is only six budgets so what’s the big deal?” Well, within those departments they account for 100 different services.

Regional Rundown: Local government leadership training

Connecting with people on a grassroots level is what local government is all about

Regional Rundown: Local government election in November

In the past, our terms have been for three years. However, legislation was recently passed and the terms are now four years...

Local government election in November

With summer coming to an end, we are about to enter a busy season in the world of local government

Regional Rundown: Many steps to fixing Windermere Creek

There are many things that need to occur before we see any work on the creek.

Regional Rundown: Moving toward valley-wide visitor services

The Columbia Valley Community Directed Funds (CVCDF) Committee held its most recent meeting on June 16th.

Regional Rundown: A great feat achieved by Fairmont

Last week the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) board supported creating the Fairmont Flood and Landslide Service Area.

Regional Rundown: Lake access solution should be a compromise

Recently, BC Parks hosted open houses in regards to proposed upgrades to the Columbia Lake Provincial Park.

Regional Rundown: Important meetings in store for Area F

This article focuses on several important initiatives that are relevant to the communities of Windermere and Fairmont Hot Springs.