September 19 2012.

September 19 2012.

Relax at the Windermere Valley Golf Course

The Windermere Valley Golf Course offers a ‘player friendly, walkable and affordable’ golf experience.

The Windermere Valley Golf Course offers a ‘player friendly, walkable and affordable’ golf experience. Known to pretty much always be the first course to open in the spring, it’s also typically the last to close in the fall.

Golfers can look forward to playing their favourite game until the end of October at Windermere most years. There is no reason to think this one will be any different.

The course is in excellent shape — those long rainy days last spring really paid off! And for those who love to walk a course, this is the place for you. Not to say you won’t enjoy it if you prefer to take a ride in a cart. The added exercise obtained from a walkable course makes it very attractive, however.

All of the golf courses in the valley sport terrific views and this one is no exception. I sometimes think they are even more beautiful here where the valley seems to be widest and the mountains really stand out. I can often be heard ‘oohing and aahing’ on tee boxes.

The well-stocked pro shop is a great place to shop. And, of course, now is the time to score some excellent savings on both clothing and equipment. It’s also never too late to tune up your game and improve your score there. Why not book a lesson or two with one of the very talented golf pros at the Shot Shapers Academy? Their philosophy recognizes the fact that every golfer is different hence every swing is going to be different. I don’t think we can all be Jim Furyks exactly but it’s nice to know we can all have an individual approach to the game.

This course hosts many events, one of which is the annual Valley Echo Giving Back Golf Tournament. Pro Dale Moore and his crew go way beyond the call of duty in helping out and Kari’s Kitchen caters a fantastic meal.

The men’s club championship is coming up the end of this month but that doesn’t mark the end of the season at all. The Invermere Curling Club holds its annual Link to Rink event at the Invermere Curling Club and the Windermere Valley Golf Course. This is a fun competition that takes place over two days in the middle of October. Participants play both sports earning points towards an overall championship and end with a meal and awards at the golf course.

There’s still lots of time to enjoy golf, book your tee times today and get out for a great walk.

Remember, green grass, blue skies and good company define the game — and you’ll find plenty of all of them at the Windermere Valley Golf Course.