Tasty hobby inspired new eatery

A new eatery has opened in Invermere on the 7th Avenue main strip, just beside Black Star Studio.

From left to right: Owen

From left to right: Owen

A new eatery has opened in Invermere on the 7th Avenue main strip, just beside Black Star Studio.

The Backyard Grill, owned and operated by Paul and Beth Christy, officially opened July 22 to an eager Summerlude crowd

Business has been non-stop since for the Christys, who also operate The Monkey’s Uncle and The Rainbow Donkey.

“Barbecuing had been my hobby, I would go home and relax by doing that,” said Paul. “So I thought I could do a bit of business in the summer with barbecuing.”

The Backyard Grill features an outdoor seating area, complete with picnic-style tables and large canopy umbrellas to create shade and protect from rain.

At the back of the seating lot is the kitchen building, where the Christys and staff make up the food orders.

According to Paul, the outside seating concept was part of the plan from the beginning, when the lot and kitchen were being prepared. Setting up the restaurant site took about six weeks.

The menu carries traditional favourites, as well as a few special meals.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst and other barbecue classics are on the menu, but the Backyard Grill also features a pulled-pork sandwich and a Jamaican jerk, the last of which being Paul’s favourite menu item.

The Backyard Grill is also introducing a new take-out menu for those who’d like to stop by and pick up their dinner.

As for which dish is getting the best reviews, Paul says that all food feedback has been positive overall.

“We’re really happy with what people are saying,” said Paul. “There’s been good comments on the food and everything else. We had a lot to learn when it first started, but we’re really happy with how everything has come together now.”

The Backyard Grill will be open for the summer months and will be seeing some down-time in the fall and throughout winter. For more information, call 250-341-1585.