A special visitor at Edgewater Elementary

Swiss teacher Simon Engimann has come to teach at Edgewater Elementary.

Principal Sharlene Scofield and Swiss teacher Simone Engimann.

Principal Sharlene Scofield and Swiss teacher Simone Engimann.

Edgewater Elementary School (EES) recently had a special guest from Switzerland working with the children at the school.

Student teacher Ms. Simone Engimann will be at EES until May 6 as a way to fulfill a teaching practicum in English. Engimann has been a teacher in her homeland for 10 years.

The time came for her to go to an English speaking country for  further education.

She explained that many of the teachers complete this part of their training in English speaking European countries but she wanted to try something different.

She decided to come to EES because her boyfriend has family in Edgewater and one of the family  members happens to be a teacher at EES.

“I found out that he has an aunt here. I had to finish my further education in England, Scotland or somewhere. Then I thought about Edgewater because of the family,” Engimann said.

Even with people she knew in the area she had  to go through a great deal of paperwork to be able to take part in activities at the school.

“I had never been to Canada or the school here. It has been an adventure for me,” she said.

Engimann explained that she has been having a wonderful time working with the students and having the opportunity to see some of the area.

“This is great. Every morning I am in different classes. I can watch and learn from the teachers and the pupils,”she said.

“I also get to practise my English. The students are very nice. They made many signs welcoming me. I was overwhelmed. They are very friendly,” she said.

After her three weeks of teaching are completed at EES, Engimann will take three more weeks to see a little bit of Canada before returning to her homeland.

This is a part of her experience that she is looking forward to as it will give her a chance to hop in a recreational vehicle and take a break with her boyfriend.

“I am not sure where we are going but camping in this beautiful country will be fun.”