Celebrating a Valley day

The co-ordinators of Valley Appreciation Day are getting ready for another fun event as part of the Summerlude weekend.

A time to show an appreciation for the Columbia Valley is just around the corner.

The co-ordinators of Valley Appreciation Day are getting ready for another fun event as part of the Summerlude weekend.

Valley Appreciation Day will take place on July 23 and will celebrate their 24th Anniversary this year.

This being an anniversary many people within the Invermere Business Committee (IBC) are working with many groups to put on a great show according to the chairperson of the IBC Rose-Marie Regitnig.

“The IBC’s subcommittee events co-ordinator, Todd Mitchell, myself and a group of business owners are presently busy planning out the day’s events.

“We are pleased to be working with our Valley’s service clubs again. This is a great collaboration between the service clubs, District of Invermere, IBC and many volunteers,” said Regitnig. “People can expect crowd pleasers such as the pancake breakfast, live music, the logging show and also something new. There are lots of events being discussed. People can also expect to see a selection of booths with businesses welcoming and interacting with everyone, displaying their products and services.”

Starting last year the day became part of the bigger Summerlude weekend which went well last year.

“For Valley Appreciation Day to be part of Summerlude is fantastic as it will draw more visitors than any one of these events could do alone. It will give visitors and the local community lots of fun things to do that weekend. This should motivate us all to call on our friends and family that live elsewhere to come for a visit,” Regitnig said.

The day itself has a special meaning to the chair of the IBC.

“This day represents Valley spirit to me and is the day to show the deep appreciation I have for everyone that comes to visit. For the first-time visitor this day should be a WOW! and for the return visitor it should re-affirm why they love it here and come back.  Also, this is a day is when I celebrate our valley community, it is the day to show appreciation for those that have chosen to make the Columbia Valley their home, full time or part time and that make our valley what it is. We have an amazing community of caring people. Neighbours, friends, family and business partners that time and time again, support each other through good times and the bad.”

If you are interested in getting involved, call the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“As a celebration of life in the Columbia Valley, Appreciation Day draws thousands of participants, both local and visiting, for free pancakes and lots of entertainment.

“The IBC would like to invite interested groups to rent booth space for the day.

“Booth space is available for promotional activities, sales and informational activities.

“For more information, or to book a space, please contact the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce, 250-342-2844,” said IBC member and owner of The Monkey’s Uncle Toy Store Paul Christy.

As for why people should come out to the event Regitnig said, “There will be many fun things to do and to watch, for all ages. The downtown core will be bustling with activity, shops will be open and many businesses will be present showcasing their goods and services that people may be unaware of. It will also be a great time to connect with old friends and make new friends.”