Empowering cancer victimes

InspireHealth’s two day cancer care LIFE program is coming to our valley on Thursday, October 4 and Friday, October 5.

Exciting news for our valley! InspireHealth’s two day cancer care LIFE program is coming to our valley on Thursday, October 4 and Friday, October 5. Although InspireHealth has been in existence since 1997, anyone wanting to take the program has had to travel to Vancouver to do so. Now a new venture, called Inspire LIFE BC, has begun to reach out to more rural areas of our province, made possible in part through additional funding by the BC Ministry of Health. The first out- reach program was held in Terrace in March with the second one in Kamloops in June. We are thrilled that we will be the third BC location to receive this program.

Anyone who has been affected with cancer is invited to attend this program to learn how to live well and support themselves in addition to their traditional treatments. InspireHealth is of benefit to anyone at any stage of their cancer journey whether recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment or having finished treatment and wanting to learn strategies to prevent recurrence. The program gives participants the tools to empower them to improve their recovery and survival.

We are pleased to announce that we have received financial support from four service clubs in our valley: the Lake Windermere Lions, the Fairmont Lions, the Kinsmen and the Rotary Clubs, both of Invermere. This has allowed us to offer the LIFE Program for $250 for cancer participants and $95 for their supporters. The cost to take the program in Vancouver is $445 so this is a very significant saving.

We are also pleased that Copper Point Resort has graciously agreed to host this event in their new facility.  Their chef is presently working with the InspireHealth’s nutritionist to ensure that the food to be served will be made with the finest quality food using local ingredients when possible.

One of our committee members, Donna Taillon, recently traveled to Kamloops to attend the LIFE program there. The program is designed to provide attendees with not only the two-day workshop but with courses similar to those offered in their permanent clinics.  These include videos on nutrition, recipes, weekly online meditation and doctor consultations via Skype or by phone. Technology allows this connection with the InspireHealth staff and also provides members a personal connection.

In addition to the two-day LIFE Program, all cancer participants receive a one year membership to InspireHealth which includes weekly email information, a 90 minute consultation with an InspireHealth physician with online follow-ups as needed, online classes, free membership in Tyze, a secure online support program, as well as access to a database of the latest research.  Participants are encouraged to bring along a support person who can attend for $95. In addition, health care providers, such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, and health food providers, will find the program valuable for assisting those who have had cancer with the cost to attend being $95.

If you know of anyone who has been affected by cancer we ask that you bring this program to their attention. We encourage anyone who currently has cancer or has had cancer at any time to register for this integrative cancer care program by calling 1-888- 734-7125.

In addition, the team of InspireHealth doctors who will be coming to present the LIFE program have offered to give a Free Public Talk about Cancer Prevention.  This will be held on October 3 at 7 p.m. at Copper Point Resort.

—Submitted by Connie Watson, LIFE Committee Chair