Fire Vixen Tattoo owner Sarah Eastick works on a Grim Reaper image on the shoulder of a client.

Fire Vixen owner can’t keep up with demand in the valley

With more than ten years of experience, Sarah Eastick has brought her proven talent to Invermere

It takes a long time for a tattoo artist to establish a strong reputation, and with more than ten years of experience, Sarah Eastick has brought her proven talent to Invermere as the owner of Fire Vixen Tattoos.

While she may be available sooner should cancellations occur, Sarah has her schedule nearly entirely booked until 2014. Her inking experience comes from studios in Holland, Switzerland, and Ontario.

“Sarah’s not just a tattoo artist, she’s an artist first and foremost, and it

really comes through in everything she does,” said her client, Lindsay McPherson. “She’s that good that she’s that booked up.”

Sarah explained her thorough approach to every aspect of tattooing, from the first consultation to the final result.

“We want it to be the best tattoo it can be, and sometimes people need help getting there,” she told The Valley Echo. “During the consultation process we help people bring their ideas to life, and people come to us with an idea and we help guide them to get the best possible tattoo.”

She said that during the consultation, she often looks at paintings and photographs to gain perspective on which concepts her clients have in mind. The visual stimulations help Sarah to create her own designs, and bring them to life on the human canvases.

“I try to create something that’s very individual and unique for that person, because a lot know that they want a tattoo but they don’t have any idea where to start, so there are different steps I can guide them through to help them bring that vision to life.”

While many tattoo parlours can present intimidating environments, she said that Fire Vixen takes a friendly approach.

“Tattoo staff can sometimes make you feel like you’re not cool enough to talk to them,” she said. “We try not to be your stereotypical tattoo shop – it’s fun, friendly, and welcoming.”

With a strong resume, Sarah was confident in reminding those thinking about a tattoo that “there’s a broad scale of skill levels among tattoo artists, so it’s up to the client to look at portfolios and ask the right questions to make sure they’re being matched with the right person.”

And while the artists at Fire Vixen prefer people make good tattooing choices from the beginning and leave the team with clean canvases, Sarah said they’re happy to do cover-ups and fix-ups.

Consultations can be booked by walking into the shop on 8th Avenue in Invermere, or by calling 250-342-8844.

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