(l-r) Donna Taillon

(l-r) Donna Taillon

Integrative program offers inspiration

Anyone who has been there knows the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Anyone who has been there knows the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

What happens now?… What should I do?… Who can I talk to?… What are my options?

InspireHealth, an integrative cancer care centre based out of Vancouver, has helped over 6,500 British Columbians since it began in 1997.

They are a world leader in integrative cancer care programs that optimize recovery and survival by combining healthful nutrition, exercise, methods for stress reduction, and emotional and immune support. And now the people of the Columbia Valley will be able to benefit from it without having to travel to Vancouver.

InspireHealth will be bringing two of their doctors to deliver their two-day LIFE program specifically designed for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, along with their caregivers or supporters.

If you feel uncertain or overwhelmed by your diagnosis, want guidance as to your options, want to take charge of your life and your health, want cutting-edge research on the latest development in integrative cancer care, and want to stay on the path of healing and recovery, this program is just for you.

Topics include nutrition, appropriate exercise, the importance of emotional and spiritual support, stress reduction techniques, shared learning groups and integrating complementary therapies.

The two-day workshop is much more than an information session — it includes experimental and social learning exercises, provides hands-on tools, and helps to develop a local community of support.

Whether you have just been diagnosed; are undergoing treatment; have just finished treatment; want to prevent recurrence; or are a family member, friend or health care provider and want to participate; it is open to all.

I know of a number of people in the Columbia Valley who have travelled to Vancouver to take part in this two-day program, myself and my daughter included.  To say it was life changing is an understatement.

Sue Engelbracht of Invermere attended the two-day workshop last year and says, “Taking the Inspire LIFE Program was the icing on the cake for me. I had incorporated several lifestyles and dietary changes that I felt supported my cancer treatment program, but it was Inspire LIFE that brought my beliefs and practices into a clear focus. Today I maintain an optimism that I am on the best path to healing and recovery, thanks to the Inspire LIFE philosophy of integrated cancer care.

“It was two days of learning that has impacted my life forever.”

Donna Slobodzian of Fairmont was so inspired by InspireHealth that she not only continues to go there as a patient, but also volunteers at the centre.

She says,  “The B.C. Cancer Agency counsellor suggested I contact InspireHealth upon my cancer diagnosis in 2009. It was very important to me that I received traditional medical care along with holistic and integrative care for my well-being. The doctors and support staff at InspireHealth gave me much needed hope and support. They taught me to become proactive and provided me with the necessary tools to implement each waking day. I wish I had this knowledge when I was much younger as the techniques have made a very positive change in my life along with my family’s lives.”

For Connie Watson, InspireHealth was a lifeline.

“I am thankful for the knowledge and support I received from the InspireHealth staff and believe it allowed me to travel this cancer road with faith that I would become healthier and committed to helping others learn about this wonderful program.”

The two-day LIFE program will be held at Copper Point Resort in Invermere on Thursday, October 4 and Friday, October 5. The early registration cost is $150 if you register before September 15, and $250 after that date. Supporters and health care providers attend for $95.

For more information call Connie Watson at 250-342-6688 or Sue Engelbracht at 250-342-6846.

To register, call InspireHealth at 1-888-734-7125.