Valley women aged 19 and over are encouraged to participate in an upcoming pin-up/rockabilly themed photo shoot to help name one of Arrowhead Brewery Company's first seasonal ales.

New brewery’s search is on for 100 Honeys

The lovely ladies of the Columbia Valley will soon have their opportunity to shine.

The lovely ladies of the Columbia Valley will soon have their opportunity to shine as the Arrowhead Brewing Company is putting a call out to any woman over the age of 19 to join them for their 100 Honeys photo shoot.

“It’s really just about a bunch of girls getting together and having fun,” explained Arrowhead Brewing Company co-owner Leanne Tegart. “It’s clever marketing for the brewery of course, but I think it’s just going to be a really good time.”

The idea behind 100 Honeys is something that Leanne and husband Shawn Tegart have talked about for a few years, but were never sure how to pull off. On Saturday, August 11, the couple are asking any and all interested Columbia Valley women over the age of 19 to attend a photo shoot at their property dressed in their best pin-up or rockabilly style. Once all the ladies have arrived, a professional photographer will snap a group portrait in front of some classic cars on the Tegarts’ property and the resulting photograph will be the featured label of their planned honey ale for next summer and the name of the beer will reflect the final turnout. If 151 women show up, the beer will be called 151 Honeys, hence the final number of women will make up the numerical aspect of the name.

“So far the response has been great,” Leanne said. “The theme itself, being from the fifties, is a pretty fun theme to go back in time and kind of live in that moment for an evening.”

Leanne said 139 women have so far signed up via Facebook and that more seem to join every week. She’s not entirely sure how many of those 139 are fully committed to the idea as a confirmation online and showing up to the event are two different things, but she’s confident there should be at least 100 women present the day of the event. There is no maximum number of women either, she said, as they’ll fit as many in as possible.

The event is strictly women only and, furthermore, no bystanders of any gender will be allowed. This is to make sure all the women who participate can be completely comfortable wearing whatever they feel like and there will be someone at the end of their driveway keeping bystanders away. The photo itself will be taken on their property in Invermere, which — for those women interested in the project — is the first driveway on the left when making the turn for Wilmer. Interested parties can either register via the Arrowhead Brewing Company Facebook page and the 100 Honeys event listing link, or they can call or text Leanne at 250-342-5440. Leanne is also available at Mercer and Co. in Invermere to help any women find the right outfit or answer any questions about the event.

“This isn’t something that should cost a lot of money,” Leanne said. “Chances are you’ve got something in your wardrobe if you just match it up properly… you can really work with what you’ve got.”

As for the new Arrowhead Brewing Company opening in Invermere, Leanne said they’re hopeful to begin full production within the next three to four weeks. The vast majority of their equipment arrived a few weeks ago and they’re working on getting all their  electrical and plumbing infrastructure set up. When they do start production, Leanne said they’ll have two initial beers, in dark and light ales, and they also plan on having seasonal brews as well, which is what 100 Honeys will be when it is produced next summer.


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