RDEK highlights environmental services

The Regional District of East Kootenay Board of Directors met on February 3 and 4.

The Regional District of East Kootenay Board of Directors met on February 3 and 4.

During the Committee of the Whole meeting on February 3, a memo was presented regarding the 2011 Columbia Valley Sub-Region Solid Waste Budget. The memo included several proposed environmental services and upgrades in the area.

The first proposed event is a “car roundup”, which is scheduled region-wide. It will assist East Kootenay residents in disposing of old or unwanted vehicles, which can take up space and prove hazardous to wildlife and the environment.

A car roundup has taken place in the past, with good participation resulting in around 500 cars being collected for disposal. $13,000 has been added to the 2011 budget for this event in order to advertise, identify, record and remove vehicles in the Columbia Valley Sub-Region.

The Columbia Valley Landfill will be undergoing the development and excavation of a new cell. The purpose of the new cell is to receive municipal waste. $140,000 has been allocated to this project.

A new aerial survey will be required in 2011 to monitor the landfill’s development and fill rate as well. The survey is to be scheduled every second season in order to monitor growth.

It was also recommended by the environmental monitoring consultant that a new sampling well be installed to ensure standards are being met. $30,000 has been budgeted for both of these items.

Safety railings are to be installed at the landfill as well, as recommended by the Municipal Insurance Association as a result of the fall and injury potential exposure to the public. $10,000 has been added to the budget for the railing installation.

Investment in a new Operations Labourer vehicle is scheduled for 2011 for the Columbia Valley, as well as a lift gate. $60,000 has been identified for the items.

The memo also included a comment from Chief Financial Officer Shawn Tomlin, stating a reduced tax requisition, would help offset increases in other services and result in a net decrease in taxes for both the District of Invermere and the Village of Radium Hot Springs.

The budget currently includes a reserve contribution of $25,000.