Reaching out for the art at DTSS

Students at David Thompson Secondary School prepare their work for a special art show.

A snapshot of last year's DTSS Art Show.

A snapshot of last year's DTSS Art Show.

As May begins students at David Thompson Secondary School (DTSS) are preparing their work for a special art show being held at the Pynelogs Cultural Centre from May 31-June 12.

This is the seventh time the REACH art show will feature the art from DTSS Students and this year the opening event will be on June 1.

This show is organized and curated by the DTSS Art Instructor, Maggie Milligan.

“This is going to be very exciting and I am looking forward to it,” she said.

She went on to explain that the hope was to have over 150 students involved with the show this year.

Milligan said the show gives the students a great sense of pride in having their works shown at a professional show to the public.

“This is a very big deal for them and their families as well. It is seen through different eyes when they see it on the wall at the exhibit,” she said.

The chance to be involved with the show is a chance for the co-ordinator to enjoy seeing the public respond to the depth and range of the program at the school.

“From realism to the abstract, 2d to 3d, small to large. It is nice to see that range and appreciate the art that comes from the school.”

The event is a challenge to co-ordinate but Milligan is confident that it will be done and may also include photography, written works and film works this year as part of a creative contests.

These added works are for a special contests where students are given one month and a theme to work with.

“There are many categories for the contests and we receive a lot of support from the community in terms of prizes. There is a great response from students,” Milligan said.