Reconnect with a favourite read to win in literacy group’s new contest

Family Literacy Day is fast approaching in the valley, and the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) wants families to get involved.

Family Literacy Day is fast approaching in the valley, and the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) wants families to get involved.

According to ABC Life Literacy Canada: “Family literacy refers to the many ways families develop and use literacy skills, from enjoying a storybook together at bedtime and during the day, to playing with word games, singing, writing to a relative or friend, sharing day-to-day tasks such as making a shopping list or using a recipe, and surfing the internet for fun and interesting sites.”

This year, in honour of this important day, CBAL is holding a contest for all ages, celebrating the stories our community loves to read.

The categories are as follows:

Pre-K : children will colour a colouring page.

This colouring sheet will be made available at Sonshine Children’s Centre, the Invermere library, the Valley Echo office, Little Badgers, Windermere Valley Childcare Centre and at all StrongStart programs.

Kindergarten to grade 3: children can draw their favourite book or favourite characters from a book they really enjoyed.

Grades 4-7: Write a short description of your favourite book and why you enjoyed it.

Grades 8-12: Write up a short explanation of what your reasons are for reading.

Adults: Adults can write about their favourite childhood book and why this book in particular was their favourite.

There will be a drop-off box for all entries at the Invermere library.

The deadline for this contest is Friday, January 27, when entries will be drawn for a prize in each category.

Please remember to include your name, phone number and age group on each entry, so that we may reach you if you win. Winners are solely based on participation.

The library will also be celebrating Family Literacy Day with an event on the morning of January 27.

There will be a special reading during the usual story time at 10 a.m. with Nicole, as well as a display of contest entries on the walls.

Everyone is encouraged to come take a look at the entries that will be on display.

Families are strongly encouraged to participate together for this contest.

What better way to encourage literacy than sitting down with your child to colour, draw and write about books that the family enjoys?

For more information on literacy, such as tips to encourage reading as a family and daily literacy activities, please visit:

CBAL would like to take this opportunity to thank in advance all participants, and would like to encourage all families to continue reading and singing together. Together, we really can make a difference.