Relay survivor chair sees support as key

Caroline Greening is this year's Survivor Committee chair for the Canadian Cancer Society: Relay for Life and shares her story of recovery.

Caroline Greening

Caroline Greening

Caroline Greening is this year’s Survivor Committee chair for the Canadian Cancer Society: Relay for Life.

Being the chair has given Greening the chance to meet many different cancer survivors which she feels provides people with a great deal of hope.

“You see so many people who are healthy and have been survivors for over 20 years. I absolutely love hearing that,” Greening said.

The topic of survival is admittedly a fresh feeling for the chairperson as she found out that she had cancer in 2010 while she was four months pregnant.

“It was super scary. I remember being in the doctor’s office thinking I need to be a stronger person than I was. I knew what I was about to be told because they asked me to bring a friend and that is never a good sign.”

After having her baby, Greening went through many treatments and a major surgery, but is now doing well.

“I just can’t believe how many people were diagnosed. I am sure there are more than we have registered. It is very scary in one way but in another it makes us want to work towards a cure.”

Greening went on to explain that she does not want her children to grow up and have to worry about cancer in the future.

“Could you imagine a world where you could be immunized for cancer?” she asked.

As for why she is involved with the Relay, Greening said, “I just want to give back and this is a great way to come out and support the cause while meeting people. Everyone who comes out is supportive. People who go out of their way to help people is very touching.”

She went on to say that the people in this area are amazing in the support they show to all those people in need.

“I think I have got the best care and support here. I owe my positive side to the community. The Relay has shown me that I am not alone and there is hope. It is just very emotional and I am glad to be a part of it.”

Greening is hopeful that all survivors who can will come out to the Relay for the experience of being surrounded by so many strong people.

She encourages people to register online, email Greening at or call her at 250-342-0533 for any information.