Remember when? – April 13

A look at what has happened in the Columbia Valley over the past 50 years for the week of April 13.

April 11

April 11

50 years ago: The construction for the new post office in Invermere was nearing completion.

The office, located on Fourth Street, was to help open a new business area.

The new post office was built to have 750 single or double mail boxes, a freight entrance, and more.

45 years ago: Ernest Ede, a founding member of the  Windermere District Branch No. 71 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Invermere, was honoured at the Legion Vimy Night.

Ede was presented a 40-year membership pin. Ede was also a member of the Canadian Forces at Vimy Ridge, which made the evening even more appropriate.

40 years ago: Victor Thygesen was presented a certificate of commendation at an awards ceremony at Vancouver City College.  Thygesen had been a life guard on duty at the Radium Hot Springs pool in 1967.

A gasoline truck lost control and crashed, spilling oil near the pool and catching fire.

Thygesen had been instrumental in the rescue of those in the pool at the time.

35 years ago: Toni DeLauw, Tracy Cook and Kim Lazark of David Thompson Secondary were contestants in the Canal Flats May Queen contest. The judging was to be based 40 per cent on ticket sales and 60 per cent on personality, talent and grooming.

30 years ago: Ron Ede presented the trophy, emblematic of The Valley Echo Cup, and the league’s $400 in prize money to the Kimberley Hawks.

25 years ago: Construction for a ball park in Radium had been progressing rapidly thanks to community volunteers.

The ball park, located near the skating rink, was organized by the Kinsmen Club in co-operation with the Radium Hot Springs Community Association.

20 years ago: The shooting of a black bear led to a $300 fine for a Windermere man and a conservation officer’s concern about the vulnerability of the animals as they come out of hibernation.

The bear had been shot and killed after attempting to rip down a chicken coop, and authorities were not alerted about the matter until reports had come in from locals about a bear sighting and gunshots having been fired.

15 years ago: Residents of the valley helped save a recreational climbing wall after rumours began to surface that the wall, built at the College of the Rockies for their Adventure Tourism program, was going to be removed.

Letters and phone calls were sent by concerned locals who used the wall for recreation to keep the wall once this rumour had risen.

10 years ago: Stuffed toy bunnies and more were present at the Windermere Health Care Auxiliaries’ Easter tea and craft sale.

The day raised close to $2,000 for the auxiliary.

5 years ago: CBC Radio hosted a special community forum in Invermere at Pynelogs Cultural Centre.

The forum was to look into development-related issues and the growth and development speculation occurring in the Columbia Valley.