Remember When August 12, 2015

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 55 years

55 years ago (1960):

A new camp opened at the Windermere Valley Resort. Camp Ki-o-ti offered lessons in   swimming, life-saving, sailing, campcraft, canoeing, riding and a variety of other recreational activities.


45 years ago (1970): Thirteen people competed in Jump-for-Money, a waterski  competition in Invermere. Contestants were allowed two jumps each on the five-foot ramp at 35 miles per hour. Clayton Mackay of Cranbrook  took top money for his 106-foot jump, leaving Invermere $75 richer.


35 years ago (1980):

Older hockey players from Invermere won an eight-team tournament, triumphing over Canal Flats, Beaver Valley, Calgary, Olds, Fairview, Airdrie and Brentwood.


20 years ago (1995):

The provincial government and Glacier Resorts Ltd. signed an interim agreement concerning the proposal to build a four-season ski resort in the Upper  Jumbo Creek Valley. “This will help to ensure that Glacier Resorts understands all the steps required to develop within acceptable environmental guidelines,” Employment and Investment Minister Glen Clark said.


15 years ago (2000):

In response to resident backlash, the Village of Radium Hot Springs vowed to improve the quality of its tap water. Resident Lorri Snihor said the water was “thick enough to write your name on.”


10 years ago (2005):

Derek and Joe Woodske of Canal Flats competed in the Canadian Track and Field Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The brothers placed second and third respectively in the hammer throw event.