Remember when? (August 3)

A look back at what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the past 50 years for the week of August 3.

August 5

August 5

50 years ago: Karen Askey received her crown from Commodore R. O. Newton, MLA, at the Invermere Regatta for winning the Mermaid competition. Retired Mermaid Sylvia Walker was on stand-by to congratulate Askey.

45 years ago: Mr. and Mrs. John Diefenbaker left from their vacation stay at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Diefenbaker had declared “This is the finest vacation we have had in years, in fact, anywhere, anytime.”

Diefenbacker had been running as the opposition leader for the federal election that year.

40 years ago: A supposed forest fire of serious proportions was reported to have occurred in the Stockdale Creek area west of Invermere. However, in truth, the “smoke” from the fire was really dust from a rock slide from the peak of the mountain.

It was reported that rocks as big as houses came crashing down from the mountain side.

35 years ago: The third victim of an automobile accident was found. The accident occurred when a north-bound vehicle lost control and plunged over an embankment just outside of Radium.

Two of the victims were taken to hospital, while the third was missing. The third victim had been thrown 250 feet from the vehicle and was discovered alive, but in serious condition, and was flown to Foothills Hospital in Calgary.

28 years ago: Thieves were stealing grown vegetables from the gardens of Edgewater residents.

Columbia Valley RCMP warned that caught thieves could be fined up to $500 for the thefts. Some families in Edgewater camped out in their yards in the evening to try and spot the produce-snatchers themselves.

25 years ago: Noted violinist Yuriko Kuronuma, one of the world’s leading female violinists, was in Radium visiting some long-time friends. During her stay, she made an impromptu performance at the Chalet Europe, much to the delight of a number of music lovers who came out to see the show.

20 years ago: A weekend spree of vandalism cut a path through Panorama, Wilmer and Invermere. Vandals finished the mess by sawing off the posts that held up the “Welcome to Invermere” sign at the crossroads.

The acts resulted in a backlash that sparked an emergency meeting of the RCMP, council and Invermere Business Association.

A unanimous decision lead to a $1,000 reward to be issued to whoever presented information that would lead to the vandals’ arrest.

15 years ago: A dump truck pulling a flatbed trailer with a high-hoe on it tipped at the traffic light at the main street and 4th Avenue in Invermere.

No one was injured and traffic was momentarily detoured while the mess was cleaned up.

10 years ago: A sample of the new District of Invermere sign that would help direct drivers to destinations in town at the industrial park turn-off was submitted for approval and possible purchase later that year.

The sample sign welcomed drivers to Invermere, and pointed out the directions of Panorama Mountain Village, Wilmer, Industrial Park, and the Business District.

5 years ago: Two separate finds of human bones last month, near Invermere’s Bayshore Condos, on Lake Windermere, were seized by the Columbia Valley RCMP and forwarded to a forensic anthropologist for investigation.

According to information released, the bones were over 100 years old, and were likely of First Nations ancestry.