2005 — Mr. Claus made his way to the Eddie Mountain Memorial for an afternoon skate with local kids

2005 — Mr. Claus made his way to the Eddie Mountain Memorial for an afternoon skate with local kids

Remember When? (December 3rd, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives
over the last 50 years

50        years ago (1964):

Phone testing was well underway for B.C. Tel’s dial conversion program in Invermere. It was estimated that by early December they would have around 570 homes and businesses visited and their phones tested individually by technicians. B.C. Tel estimated that the cost of the conversion, along with a new long distance radio system to Cranbrook, would cost around $1,500,000.


45     years ago (1969):

B.C. residents were happy to see B.C. Airlines adding more selection to their meals on the flights. The airline, which had prior to that only served coffee, tea, and a small selection of snacks, was additionally adding chicken or beef in a mug and sandwiches to their customers. B.C. Airlines was also developing reduced travel rates for youth under the age of 21, and for wives accompanying their husbands. However, they were raising their general rates to keep up with the raised prices of many other airlines across Canada.


40    years ago (1974):

Athalmer experienced a 14-car derailment “too close for comfort”. There were no injuries, however there was worry of an explosion resulting from the proximity of two gasoline cars by the Gulf Oil Plant. There were around 500 feet of track mangled by the derailment and talk of vandalism was brought up as there had been a similar derailment at the south switch of the same station around the same time.


30     years ago (1984):

Yoho National Park wardens had their hands full as part of a two-year program monitoring the movement of elk in the park. They chose eight elk to be fitted with radio collars and around eight more elk to be equipped with colour-coded collars or ear tags. One of the objectives of the program was to monitor the critical habitat areas and migratory routes of the elk.


15     years ago (1999):

A bomb threat received at David Thompson Secondary School led to the evacuation of all students and faculty members. A group of volunteer firefighters aided in the search for the potential bomb, but after a short 40-minute sweep of the school, the students were given the OK to return to their classes with the option to sign out and go home. Many of the students voiced their concern on safety, with the bomb threat being dismissed so easily, and opted out of the rest of the school day.


10     years ago (2004):

Skiers, not only from Canada, but from around the world, flocked to Panorama after word spread of its perfect conditions. Many countries from around the world were sending their best World Cup skiers to Panorama in hopes of getting in some early training.

~Compiled and written by Caitlin Fuller