January 2007 — Ernie Parent throws a choker rope to a nearby log

January 2007 — Ernie Parent throws a choker rope to a nearby log

Remember When? (January 8th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the
last 50 years

10 years ago (2004):  The district of Invermere lost its chief administrative officer as Robert Earl, who filled the role in Invermere for five years, left to become the chief administrative officer of Banff. “It was a hard choice for us as a family to decide to make this move. We’ve developed close relationships in this community during the last five years,” said Mr. Earl. The move was a big step up in Mr. Earl’s career, but he emphasized that there were few other places in which he would work after living in Invermere.

“Because of our lifestyle and our love of mountains, Banff is probably one of a few communities where we would have considered leaving Invermere for. When the opportunity came up, we certainly had to look at it,” he said. No departure date was set for Mr. Earl as the Echo went to press. Two other district staff members had left in recent months to further their careers — former director of development Chris Prosser and former public and municipal works director John Rosenberg.

20 years ago (1994): The Upper Columbia Valley New Year baby was Robert Minhas. Robert was due to pop out into the world on Christmas Day 1993, but came exactly a week later at 4:55 p.m. on January 1st. Radium Hot Springs residents Ruman and Jagtar Minhas were the proud parents and the winners of the Echo’s 37th annual first baby contest.

30 years ago (1983):  The Regional District of East Kootenay’s economic development committee was getting set to disband. Half of the committee’s $100,000 in funding was slated to be cut off by the province at the end of 1984, with the regional district on the hook to make up the shortfall. Committee commissioner Wilf Nordick resigned on January 6th, 1984.

40 years ago (1973):  At the Village of Invermere’s statutory meeting, village clerk Al Miller administered the oath of office and allegiance to new Invermere mayor Henry Delesalle. Mr. Delesalle was joined on council by newly elected councillor Robert Willox and incumbent Joseph Fuller. Mr. Fuller and Mr. Willox also took the oath.

50 years ago (1964): Invermere filed its civil defense survival plan. Invermere’s plan estimated that 32,000 to 40,000 out-of-towners might have to be evacuated along with permanent area residents, depending on the time of year in which the emergency occurred. Invermere was the first community in the East Kootenay to file its plan.