Remember when? (July 20)

A look back at what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the last 50 years for the week of July 20.

July 18

July 18

50 years ago: Interest in the two-mile swim in the Invermere Regatta was sparked by news that at least three former winners would be participating again. Entries from former competitors Douglas Crenar and Ross Normingston, as well as Eric Haites, had been received for the scheduled event.

45 years ago: A car bearing American licence plates took a flying leap from Hwy 95, north of Fairmont, after skidding on a road damp with recent rain. Despite plunging off the road and sliding some 50 feet downhill, the driver and two children in the vehicle did not sustain any serious injuries and the car was not badly damaged.

40 years ago: Two horses, a white gelding and a brown gelding, disappeared from Karp’s Motel in Dry Gulch. The horses were owned by two Americans who were visiting the area after the Calgary Stampede.

35 years ago: Young performers put on an enthusiastic show at the Invermere Community Centre. “Godspell,” a rock musical based on the Gospel according to St. Matthew, was a two-hour demonstration of fun and games that was enjoyed by the cast and the audience.

28 years ago: Windsurfers, water-skiers, sun-tanners, campers, swimmers and sailors were jockeying for position, both politically and literally, on Windermere beach. The recent popularity and over abundance of beach-goers was contributing to what some residents called an “atrocious” situation on the beach. And, while the beach itself remained fairly clean, the other beach facilities were no longer in good shape

25 years ago: Hundreds of residents from Golden to Cranbrook poured into the Fairmont area to mark the celebration of the Fairmont-Panorama airport opening. It was a wonderful, sunny day for the event, with several guests speakers on-hand.

20 years ago: A $1.16 million gymnasium addition was planned for J.A. Laird Elementary and the Radium Elementary School. However, the plans had not yet received full approval from the Ministry of Education and the Village of Radium Hot Springs council.

15 years ago: The forestry road bridge on Jumbo Creek Road was removed by the Ministry of Forests for fear of it being swept away by high waters.

10 years ago: Five people were taken to hospital after a wildlife-watching driver caused a two-vehicle accident in Kootenay National Park.

The first driver had parked not completely off the road on a turn to watch a mother bear and cubs on the side of the highway. The car was not visible to the second vehicle travelling in the same direction when it came around the corner. Cars were damaged and the drivers were injured, but the first driver evaded charges by returning to Germany after being released from the hospital.

5 years ago: John Mosier, from Oshawa, Ontario, landed a hole-in-one and won the $10,000 Pepsi-sponsored prize at the Lake Windermere and District Lions Club Charity Golf Tournament. The tournament took place at Copper Point Golf Course.