Remember when? (July 27)

A look back on what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the past 50 years for the week of July 27.

July 30

July 30

50 years ago: A search effort was put forth for Charles Kenneth Carr, 44, a veteran mountain climber who went missing in the Francis Creek area.

Carr had set off to climb a ridge in the foothills of the Purcells, which is very rugged terrain. Carr had left at 7 a.m. one morning and had planned to return home by nightfall.

When he still wasn’t back by the next day, his wife called the RCMP.

45 years ago: Accidents on valley highways resulted in 11 patients being admitted to the local hospital.

Two other accident victims from a gasoline barrel explosion near Canal Flats were admitted to hospital as well.

40 years ago: The Windermere Community Hall took shape over a weekend thanks to the determined effort of worker bees.

A team of 16 men worked hard to erect the walls and roof of the new building.

35 years ago: A derailment on the C.P.R. tracks at Radium near Revelstoke Sawmill occurred around 9:30 p.m.

A north-bound coal-carrying train hit what was suspected to be a tampered switch and six coal cars and two diesel units jumped the track.

Five of the coal cars were badly damaged and had to be loaded onto flat cars.

There was also some damage to the piled lumber beside the track.

28 years ago: S.E.A. Day (Safe Enjoyable Aquatics) was held at Kinsmen Beach.

The Windermere and Invermere swim programs held a July wrap-up event with games, races and relays for everyone.

A boating demonstration using canoes to show care of one’s boat, lifejackets, paddles and how to cope with emergency situations was also performed.

25 years ago: A battle for the 1986 American Cup was well underway in the Columbia Valley, with pilots from various nationalities taking off from Mt. Swansea each afternoon.

The American Cup featured primarily cross-country flying and racing for the hang-gliders.

20 years ago: A Japanese-backed company, after a year of research, announced their proposal to build a four-season ski resort at Jumbo Creek, west of Invermere.

Nikken Holding Canada had done several preliminary studies and area observations prior to announcing the proposal.

15 years ago: The annual Shortest Parade in the World, part of the festivities of the 14th annual White House Classic Auction and Golf Tournament, took place.

More than $12,000 was raised during the charity event with a record number of golfers entering the tournament.

10 years ago: Just a few days shy of the first anniversary of a fire that levelled the Radium Valley Vacation Resort recreation centre, building of a new centre began.

A ceremony took place at the site to symbolize the beginning of the $1.7 million construction project.

5 years ago: Errant cows were scattered along Westside Road, startling those who drove by.

A warning was issued to those travelling along the road to beware of these bovines, as Westside Road is free range, and cattle were expected to appear grazing along it throughout the summer.