June 17

June 17

Remember when? (June 15)

A look back at what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the past 50 years, for the week of June 15.

50 years ago: Windermere Elementary School took top honours at the Elementary School track and field meet held at David Thompson Park at the Crossroads.

Seven schools participated in total, with Edgewater and Radium teachers in charge of organization.

45 years ago: The National Park Hotel, located in the Village of Radium Hot Springs, was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Murray Henderson, formerly of Windermere. The purchase was from George Stanley, who had built the 80-room hotel and operated it since 1955.

40 years ago: A possible strike loomed over the Kootenay hospital field, despite hours-long hospital union talks in Nelson. Representatives of 13 hospitals, including the Windermere District, were thwarted in their efforts towards resolution of a union objective for superior conditions.

35 years ago: Invermere purchased a new fire truck. The yellow-green Ford vehicle was picked up from Vancouver by Fire Chief Ray Hemmelgarn and Assistant Fire Marshall Gordon Lake.

30 years ago: The new Happy Days Daycare Centre was set to open in Invermere. The centre was owned and operated by Jo-Anne Willox and had a maximum capacity for 17 children.

25 years ago: The Invermere Inn celebrated a night of Indonesian culture and cuisine. A night of Indonesian music, food, dance, decorations, displays and more were enjoyed by all.

20 years ago: The Invermere Seniors group won first prize for their float entry into the Radium Days parade, despite inclement weather during the event.

15 years ago: Invermere resident David Gee was named Citizen of the Year for the Invermere Rotary Club.

Gee was nominated by David Thompson Secondary School principal Barry Wright, where Gee worked as a vice-principal and counsellor, as well as a director at the Family Resource Centre.

10 years ago: A 26-year-old Columbia Valley resident was rescued by park wardens in Kootenay National Park after attempting to climb Sinclair Canyon.

Three wardens rappelled down from Juniper Trail atop the canyon to pull out the rock climber, who became stranded on the face of the canyon.

5 years ago: The District of Invermere halted live burn training for the fire department.

The halt was due to concerns from residents and other officials about the health hazards and damages the contained live burning exercises had on the firefighters and the surrounding areas and environment.