2006 — Valley Lighting

2006 — Valley Lighting

Remember When (June 17th 2015)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 56 years

50 years ago (1965):

A trio of mermaid wannabes were vying for a title that defined beauty and grace. Fairmont Hot Springs contestant Linda Flexhaugh went toe-to-toe with opponents Linda Collins, who represented Radium Hot Springs, and Louise Newcomen, who represented Invermere — all competitors from David Thompson Secondary School. The Mermadian Title was announced at the July 16 to 18 regatta after the torch was lit.

45 years ago (1970):

Calgary tourist Daphe D. Smith was attacked by a cougar on the Kindersley – Sinclair Creek Trail in Kootenay National Park. She was confronted by the beast after being stalked for 30 minutes. A blown whistle from her group frightened the feline away after feasting on her forearm.

40 years ago (1975):

A black bear visited the Bavin home. The unwelcome visitor knocked over their pet dog named Tiger but did not injure him. To make matters, the animal returned to the neighbourhood a day later when he was shot dead by game guide, Dix Anderson.

30 years ago (1985):

The wheels were in motion to reel in good times at the Windermere Annual Rodeo on June 22 and 23.

20 years ago (1995):

Students marching to the beat of their own drum wrapped up the school year with a song at David Thompson Secondary School on June 15.

10 years ago (2005):

Jackie Wagner netted $500 for donating hair to cancer patient wigs. Her act of kindness was prompted by the loss of a young cousin, who suffered from cancer.