2007 — On June 15

2007 — On June 15

Remember When? (June 19th, 2013)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 50 years.

10 years ago (2003): District of Invermere approved a request by a local couple, Cecilia Sargent and Brett Archer, to ride their ATVs in downtown Invermere for their wedding along with about 20 other ATVers. “All we are doing is approving a parade. People will talk about this for years to come,” noted Coun. Bob Campsall.

15 years ago (1998): Local conservation officers apprehended a person responsible for shooting and leaving a grizzly bear to rot just outside of Canal Flats on the May long weekend. After The Valley Echo published a news release about the incident, two potential witnesses came forward wtih important information. The suspect was from Cranbrook.

25 years ago (1988): The Valley Echo reported that skateboarders may be outlawed from the sidewalks of Invermere at some point in the near future. The RCMP had requested the ban out of concern for the elderly and the safety of all sidewalk users.

30 years ago (1983): The Village of Invermere officially became a District Municipality. District Municipality status meant an increase in borrowing power and more self autonomy for Invermere. It also required a seven-man council, and if council wished to remain just five, it would have to go to a referendum to determine the wishes of the people.

35 years ago (1978): The Revelstoke Sawmill Road at Radium that had been barricaded and closed the previous July by the Hansens reopened. The couple barricaded the road in an effort to have the road gazetted as a public road, which would have enabled them to bring Hydro power to their new home at a reduced rate. They were successful.

40 years ago (1973): Rod Stone of Windermere, while visiting the Dutch Creek area on Christmas Tree business, idly picked some wild onions to eat with his lunch and it almost cost him his life. Within a couple hours, he became violently ill, then unconscious. Family members brought him to the hospital where he was given emergency treatment for poison. The plant turned out to be Death Camas, often mistaken for wild onions and a cause of sheep and cattle poisoning.

50 years ago (1963): Invermere and District were to be featured in a special half-hour program on Channel 6 CFCN-TV in recognition of the recent installation of the television transmitter on Panorama Mountain, eight miles west of Invermere by CFCN-TV. The installation of the satellite brought clear television signals to the valley.