2006 — Premier Gordon Campbell (centre)

2006 — Premier Gordon Campbell (centre)

Remember When (May 29, 2013)

A quick look back through The Valley Echo over the last 50 years

10 years ago (2003): The District of Invermere approved three questions for a June 14 referendum, essentially asking residents if they approved borrowing $1.5 million to expand Kinsmen Beach. The mayor and three of four councillors said they supported the expansion. One councillor, Brian McLaughlin, was against borrowing money for the expansion, but said he supported a referendum to learn public opinion.

15 years ago (1998): Invermere council voted three to one at a meeting to reconfirm its commitment to get a skateboard park built in Rotary Park, despite a months-long delay. The holdup was due to concern from nearby residents about potential noise and loitering, said Councillor Mark Shmigelsky. Mr. Shmigelsky apologized to a group of local skateboarders attending the meeting.

20 years ago (1993): Invermere council said it was ready to donate land to the Invermere Public Library at a committee of the whole meeting. A three-member delegation from a library delegation said they could not apply for grants to finance the construction of the library until council committed to giving them the land. “We need a letter of intent,” said librarian Liz Burke.

25 years ago (1988): Several stately Clydesdale horses from Fort Steele and marching bands from Cranbrook and Edmonton drew an appreciative crowd to Radium Days. There was one tense moment when the driver appeared to momentarily lose control of the horses. The parade also had clowns, bicycle riders and vintage cars.

30 years ago (1983): An inquest held in Invermere revealed skis packed loosely in carrier baskets to be the likely cause of a helicopter crash in the Bugaboos that killed two young women who worked at Canadian Mountain Holidays’ Bugaboo Lodge. Brenda Lee Olive, 24, and Debra Edith Steel, 20, died in the crash. Pilot Duncan McNabb was seriously injured, but recovered. An investigator told the jury he was confident skis had blown out of the basket, striking and disabling the helicopter’s tail rotor, causing the craft to spin out of control. Usually guides load and secure skis in the baskets and often, when only two or three skiers are in the helicopter, skis are brought inside because they may get loose, Mc Nabb told the jury, adding that he didn’t see who did the loading or how it was done in this incident. The jury, after deliberating, recommended several safety measures, including putting secure lids on the baskets, instructing all lodge staff in helicopter safety precautions, and posting emergency procedures in the lodge’s communications room.

40 years ago (1973): Despite a strong local effort, cowboys and cowgirls from Alberta dominated the Invermere rodeo. Albertans took the top prizes in all categories and there was only one minor accident. The rodeo was held at the crossroads and had good attendance.

50 years ago (1963): A Cessna 18 plane made an emergency landing on Highway 95 near Windermere. The plane, piloted by Robert E. Carruthers and carrying passenger Fred Pope, had just taken off for a short flight around the valley when there was a loud explosion, smoke filled the cabin and, shortly after, the engine seized. Mr. Carruthers fortunately was able to execute a landing on the highway below.