Remember When? (November 21)

A look back at what's happened in the Columbia Valley over the last 50 years.

5 years ago: Panorama Mountain Village held its biggest event yet. Female skiers met at Panorama to compete in the ladies slalom race for the FIS World Cup. On November 25, 2005, women from all over met at Panorama to race down the hill together.  The World Cup at Panorama gave Invermere a lot publicity and turned the owners of Panorama into celebrities.

10 years ago: A Calgary developer wanted to build a 64-unit luxury condominium at Radium Hot Springs, where the old water slide property used to be. The now famous Radium Resort is a popular place for dining or an overnight stay.

25 years ago: David Thompson Secondary School students were invited to attend  the leadership summit of ’87 in Vancouver. They got to discuss issues that they thought were the most pressing in Invermere and how they could fix them.  This gave the students the power of speech, and the power to help contribute to making their town a better place.

35 years ago: A Valley Echo story was covered on the CBC news. The interview was held at Toby Benches. People expressed concerns about the camp sites on Toby Creek and the new hydro line that was going up. With that story, the little town of Invemere put itself on the map.

45 years ago: Invermere held a Pioneer Dinner, congratulating all the pioneers of the valley. Medals were given out at the dinner to honor these men and women.

50 years ago: The Invermere Valley Echo reported on the famous children’s television producer, Mr. Penguin, who was visiting British Columbia to be part of a moose hunt.  Mr. Penguin hoped to turned the footage he captured of the hunt into an educational show for kids and adults as well.