Remember When? (November 5th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives
over the last 55 years

55        years ago (1959):

Local boy, Jack Wonnacott, 12, may have prevented the crash of a Cessna 195 airplane flying to Calgary from Vancouver. The plane experienced engine trouble and attempted to land on Highway 95. However, the Vancouver pilot was waved in the direction of the Windermere landing field by the young boy as he had run to the middle of the road to flag the plane after seeing its course. The pilot was then able to make a safe landing in Windermere.


40    years ago (1974):

Well-known rancher Phil Geiger imported the first Chianina cattle from Italy to B.C. The first of the cattle, a bull, was named “Frigio Tornado” and was later joined by two females named “Lemona and Lulona”. Geiger said he hoped to build up a pure-bred herd with the imported pure-bred Chianina.


30     years ago (1984):

Fifteen teams competed in the “fun” Bonspiel at the Curling Club. There were over 50 bright and creative costumes present for the tournament, but the prize winners for the best team costume was given to Rune and Lindsay Barck and Dave and Wendy Gleave who came as vampires and witches.


20     years ago (1964):

Nine-year-old Nathan Chasse was the first winner of the Columbia Valley Rockies shoot-to -win contest that season. Nathan made the winning shot on his practice shot, but was awarded the $25 as he was the first person to get the puck through one of the cash slots.