2006 — The annual Windermere Fall Fair and Scarecrow Festival was a photographer’s heaven — with a seemingly endless variety of colourful images

2006 — The annual Windermere Fall Fair and Scarecrow Festival was a photographer’s heaven — with a seemingly endless variety of colourful images

Remember When? (September 10th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the past 50 years

55 years ago (1959):

An intensive educational program to instruct the public in the safe use of plastic film was the logical solution to the urgent problem of infant smotherings attributed to thin plastics, Dr. Fred W. Jeffrey, a prominent Ottawa pediatrician, told the British Columbia Safety Council.


50 years ago (1964):

The first payments were made in the month of September under the Youth Allowances Act recently by the federal government. The act provided an allowance of ten dollars a month for children 16 and 17 years old, still in attendance at school or unable to attend school because of physical or mental impairment.


45 years ago (1969):

The Paradise School in Invermere was once again operating its kindergarten for mentally challenged children. Enrolment consisted of seven children, three girls and four boys, all five years of age.


40 years ago (1974):

Two Calgary residents were killed suddenly and a third landed at the Foothills Hospital in serious condition. Of the deceased were John K. Neill 80, and his wife Elizabeth 75. Their daugher, who was also the driver of the vehicle, was transported  to hospital.


30 years ago (1984):

The spirit of goodwill was evident at the annual Provincial Premiers’ Conference in Charlottetown which potentially signalled the dawning of a new era in federal-provincial relationships in Canada. That spirit was reflected strongly in the communique released at the conclusion of the conference.


20 years ago (1994):

Precautions were taken as bears prepared for hibernation. Bears were out searching for food a bit earlier to prepare for the winter season. Because of the dry summer, conservation officer Richard Hoar said natural food such as berries and water were not as plentiful, and as a result bears were arriving early to look for food. “Each fall the valley is visited by bears tipping over garbage cans, getting into compost piles and fruit trees,” Hoar said.


15 years ago (1999):

Leadership, education, sports and rememberance. These are the four elements the Royal Canadian Legion focused on in its youth program. Pat Cope was elected to the Pacific Command as chair of the youth committee. She was  in charge of ensuring that the programs sponsored by the Legion were in place where they were needed.


10 years ago (2004):

According to weather predictions in The Old Farmer’s Almanac (2005 Canadian edition), winter sports enthusiasts in the East Kootenay could expect good news. In the regional summary, the Farmer’s Almanac predicted: “The southeast will be colder and snowier than normal. The southwest will be be a bit milder.”