2006 — 94 people participated in the 26th annual Terry Fox Run

2006 — 94 people participated in the 26th annual Terry Fox Run

Remember When? (September 24th, 2014)

A look back through The Valley Echo's archives over the last 55 years

55 years ago (1959):

Continuing wet weather was making things uncomfortable for a number of hunting parties, which were all set for an invigorating trip in usual crisp, sunny autumn weather: Guide Lioel Thompson’s party of four from Calgary reported in after four days of being rained out and declared that they would come back later.


50 years ago (1964):

Three youths apprehended at Cranbrook, pleaded guilty in police court to charges of theft and awaited their offical sentencing. Charged were Peter Yetschmann, 20, of Revelstoke, a Revelstoke juvenile and an Athalmer juvenile.


45 years ago (1969):

Cadet and survival training was credited for having helped 14-year-old Invermere lad, Robert Futa, walk out of the bush unharmed after separating from his hunting companion of the weekend.


40 years ago (1974):

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Andersen of Invermere set up an Andersen Memorial Bursary for the top female athlete at the David Thompson Secondary School. The award was created in memory of their two daughters, Carol(Andersen) Hanson, class of ‘64 and Sherry Andersen, class of ‘74, who died as the result of an auto accident earlier that year.


30 years ago (1984):

The Invermere Interministerial Committee for children and the Invermere Royal Canadian Mounted Police organized a Block Parent Program to promote public safety for the children of the community. It was being set up to provide the community with an organized method of protecting its children.


20 years ago (1994):

Twenty-five students from throughout the East Kootenay region shared $4,000 in post-secondary educational bursaries awarded annually by Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd. The bursaries were presented to persons either beginning or continuing their studies in a full time program. The successful recipients were announced by general manager Tom Kirk.


15 years ago (1999):

The Columbia Valley Rockies started off the 1999/2000 season with a lucky streak. A group of young female fans showed their support by sprinting across the back of the Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena clad only in jock straps and body paint minutes before the September, 24th home opener.


10 years ago (2004):

Half a dozen voyageur canoes travelled through the wetlands from Invermere to Radium Hot Springs on September, 27th. The canoes and their guides were giving tours to the Living Lakes Conference attendees. The Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (CBFW-CP) hosted it in association with Wings Over The Rockies.