Special Olympics golf and swim programs spring success

The golf lessons were held at Copper Point Golf Course, and teaching professional Scott Mc Clean worked hard with our athletes and we all thank him for his expertise and patience.

The golf lessons were held at Copper Point Golf Course, and teaching professional Scott Mc Clean worked hard with our athletes and we all thank him for his expertise and patience. By the way, Lochlan is still waiting for the answer to his question “what was golf like in the 1950s?”

Right after the golf, the swimming started in the Fairmont Hot Springs pool. Our “in house” reporter Kate Gibbs will tell you all about that:

Well, the Special O swim program had its final session Sunday, June 26. It was a little sad! Everyone looked forward to coming to learn to swim, and have  fun in the water.

Parents have said “my son/daughter loves to swim with your program.”

Some parents, even if the weekend is busy, made sure their child participated in the group. Everyone has learned new things and had lots of fun.

Anyway, Sunday was a perfect day for the last session of swimming. Five swimmers came to celebrate the end of the swim program. There was Lochlan, Marlo, Brion, Brandon, and Kate.

Besides the last day of swimming, there was another celebration in order. It was Lochlan’s birthday! Happy birthday to you, Lochlan. Thank you for spending it with us at the pool.

We did some neat stuff. Warm ups as usual, relays, everyone got a mask and practised swimming underwater. We played Marco Polo.

The new thing we did was, we had some objects that we threw in the pool and we had to dive for them.   Even in the deep end. Going in the deep end was new for some kids. We were all over the pool!

Brion was figuring out how to use the mask.  He tried to put it  on his face and blow bubbles, and he was having fun. Good job Brion.

Marlo was being so generous in the scavenger hunt. If anyone didn’t catch their object they found because someone took it, she’d always take it and give it to them and have them try again. Thank you Marlo, that was very sweet.

Brandon loved all the toy animals the volunteers brought. You always see him playing with them. He was fascinated and had lots of fun.

At the end of the week Kate’s goal was to jump off the diving board. And at the last swim date she did it as a big finale.

She got to go up with Catrien, and then at the end of the board she got a push and went off. She had a lifejacket on so when she popped up everyone cheered.

That was a big day for Kate. Another thing she can say she did. Thanks to Catrien and all the Fairmont pool lifeguard staff for making this possible.

It’s sad we have to wind up our swim meets but with it being close to summer, everyone has different stuff going on. It’s always a busy time of year.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who came on their own time.

Thank you newcomers to the Special Olympics program,Trish and Evan. Our swimmers sure had fun with you.

And, of course, a huge thank you to Catrien, Nicole, Gee and Willem, and Andrea for all their help with the Special Olympics. You’ve made kids’ weekends by giving them something to do every Sunday. We hope to see you all next year.

Many thanks to all the parents for driving their youngsters and to all the faithful coaches — without you all we would not have the program.

A great big thanks to Copper Point and Fairmont Hot Springs for allowing us to run the program and we hope you will allow us to come back next year.

Catrien Dainard

Invermere Special Olympics chapter