Tasty cuisine at new patio restaurant

The chef at Invermere's newest eatery has created a menu loaded with local favourites

Hung Khuu poses in front of his new enterprise

Hung Khuu poses in front of his new enterprise

The chef at Invermere’s newest eatery has created a menu loaded with local favourites, blending the traditional burger-and-fries-style menu with premium Asian cuisine.

Hung Khuu is the owner and operator of Hung’s, the outdoor restaurant that now occupies the location formerly home to the Backyard Barbecue.

Hung’s cuisine can already be appreciated at his former workplace, AG Foods, as he launched their ready-to-eat meals four years ago, which are still selling strong.

Because the ready-to-eat foods are so well-established at the grocery store, Hung said it’s now time for him to move on and do something for himself.

“I observed what kind of demand is here among the locals and I can provide them a good meal at an affordable deal,” he said.

Hung is proud to offer no pre-made frozen food.

“Everyday I prep fresh things,” he said. “I’d rather spend long hours doing that and deliver good food.”

While spending years working in hospitality in the valley, especially at AG, Hung said he found out exactly what locals like and bases his menu on consumer demand.

A large outdoor patio offers guests a spacious area to enjoy their food in Invermere’s downtown, and take-out is available for fresh food on the go.

Hung chose his surname as the restaurant’s name because he said people recognize his name around town. As a Vietnamese immigrant,  Hung says his signature dishes are of the Asian variety.

“That’s what’s popular with the locals. A lot of people find us very fresh and perfect for a summer day,” he said.

Many of his Asian dishes are inspired by recipes his family passed on.

“The sauces I marinade my meat with, those are actually my family recipes,” he said. “Of course authentic, homemade, prepared fresh daily — that’s what I believe in.”

With complete confidence in his cooking, Hung says the one sure thing about his restaurant is that anybody who visits will leave happy.

“Because of the quality of the food and the affordable price, that’s what people want and that’s what I deliver,” he said. “I’m not trying to get rich. I’m just trying to make my living so I can live in this valley.”

With more than 30 years cooking experience, Hung says he empathizes with hungry customers.

“A lot of times you’re disappointed when you go out and pay high prices and you don’t get the quality or the value equal to the money you pay. So in order to provide that I may as well cook myself. If I cook, I may as well serve it to other people, also.”

Don’t miss out on some of Invermere’s tastiest. Hung’s is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will extend its hours in July to 8 or 9 p.m.