Village of Radium council briefs

On Wednesday, June 8th Radium council met to discuss a variety of projects and issues in the community.


The province of British Columbia is looking to crack down on short-term rental accommodations after an increase of online postings in resort towns. Minister of Community, Sport, Cultural Development Peter Fassbender sent a letter to communities for input around transportation and short term accommodations sales issues.

The Radium council discussed the issue and reviewed the letter that SunPeaks Resort municipality sent to Fassbender. Highlighted in the SunPeaks report were issues around municipal business licenses, zoning regulations and property taxes for private short term rental market.

Radium council made a motion to write a letter to Minister Fassbender regarding the issues brought up in SunPeaks letter while adding concerns about residents engaged in short term rentals who are second home owners in the area.


McCauley brought forward the issue of spending in residential and park areas of the communities. With the speed limit being 40 kilometres per hour, McCauley raised concerns that drivers are going too fast near St. Josephs Park. Council will be looking into putting up more signs in the area to remind motorist to slow down

Copperhead looking up

Residents in the area may be seeing improvements coming to the Copperhead properties. A private sale of the buildings is in the works, with the potential new owner purchasing with the intent to finish the properties. The six, five-plex buildings are structurally sound and in effort to protect the asset, council discussed their options for the properties, making a motion to get a quote on how much it would cost the municipality to put siding on the buildings.

Fundraiser a success

The Radium Library Garage sale held on Saturday, May 21st was a joint fundraiser supporting the fire hall and the library. At the council meeting, Larsen announced the total raised was still being counted but before council the total about $1,500. They will be looking to make this event a yearly event for the community.

RCMP report

Columbia Valley RCMP Cpl. Grant Simpson presented council the RCMP Quarterly Report from March to May 2016. The detachment has seen an increase in thefts, particularly from vehicles, in the Radium area. As well, the RCMP have been responding to more disturbance and noise law calls and false alarm calls in the area. Priorities for the detachment for 2016/2017 are drug and alcohol abuse education and enforcement, community relations, traffic and impaired driving and domestic violence and prevention.

Village administration

Council also discussed Bylaw No. 4222, which is a bylaw providing for the retention and disposal of municipal records. Council discussed how long records are being stored by the municipality. One type of record discussed was dog registrations for the community. The council also discussed the option of backing up councillor emails and archiving emails sent from their accounts. Finally council made a motion to hold one meeting per month for July and August as summer is quieter for the summer months. Council will be meeting Wednesday June 22 at 7:30 p.m. the meeting will be open to the public.