We need your help!

The Relay for Life is looking for volunteers to help with the Smart Shop and the event.

Do you know someone who has had cancer? Of course you do. I have never met anyone who did not know of someone who had, or is currently suffering, from cancer. Want to do something to help, but just don’t know what?

The local Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life committee is welcoming new volunteers to help make this June 11 event a success in the Columbia Valley. The more successful the event, the more money we raise, the more research can be implemented, and more lives saved. We are always looking for someone to help out. Whether it be in a small way like volunteering the day of the event, selling raffle tickets, holding fundraisers or in a much more involved way like running the Smart Shop.

The Smart Shop is an integral part of the Relay for Life, and its purpose is to provide on-site cancer educational activities and information, focusing on the Canadian Cancer Society’s five priorities of Prevention, Advocacy, Research, Information and Support.

All brochures, display boxes, pamphlets, etc. are supplied by the Canadian Cancer Society. With a bit of organizing prior to the event, the majority of this position is on the day of Relay, Saturday, June 11.

We have recently had someone step up to the plate for this position, but she will be moving out of the valley, so is only able to do it this year. Ultimately we would like a three year commitment for each chair position.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact me at 250-342-9059 or sheilatutty@telus.net