Art for midsummer

Time again for a new show to be going up at Pynelogs from July 26 to August 7.

Photo courtesy Glenda Hall and Patrick Markle

Photo courtesy Glenda Hall and Patrick Markle

Time again for a new show to be going up at Pynelogs from July 26 to August 7. The artist opening will take place on Wednesday July 27 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Pynelogs and is always a great opportunity to talk with the artists, enjoy some art, and maybe sip some wine.

This show features some different art forms such as pottery, ceramics, sculpture, stone carving, as well as some wonderful photos, paintings, and drawn pieces.

Longtime valley potter Alice Hale has been working in clay for more than 35 years. Her pieces have been shown in many galleries and in collections worldwide. Alice produces pieces in stoneware, porcelain, and she has a special love for Raku and alternative firing methods.  She enjoys making pieces that will be used for years and that will become a part of daily life and ritual.

Stone-carver Posey Nelson feels blessed to have studied with some of the world’s master stone carvers since 1997. Posey generally uses a more contemporary style and almost always does direct carving.  There is deep connection between artist and stone: “When the medium is stone, metamorphed from the millennia, the stone itself tells the sculptor of its life, its birth, its power, and its dreams.”

Glenda Hill has been taking pictures of things and places that she admires all of her life and has not attended any formal photography classes — she just loves to take pictures of the things she sees. Moving to the Columbia Valley three years ago has inspired her to feel more and appreciate nature, and she does so by spending lots of her time fishing and hiking with her dog.

Growing up in Kimberley, Simon Haiduk developed strong foundations in visual arts, music, and a love for nature. He is mostly self-taught and has explored various mediums, subjects, and themes in his pieces.  His works in this exhibit reflects the awareness of reconnecting to our planet as a living entity, and represents natural sanctuaries where peace is found in presence.

Nicole LeBoutillier incorporates different media and techniques as her subject matter determines. She commonly draws ordinary objects with only the prerequisite that they are found in her immediate environment at the time. Grouping of objects, their relationship between one another, and the space they create between each other are reoccurring themes in her work.

Patrick Markle finds that when he returns to his studio after experiencing some spectacular natural beauty, he is filled with excitement from the day and begins to paint the landscape that has impacted him. He aims to bring people to the places he has been and show them the way that he has seen each view. As long as there are inspiring landscapes and experiences to be had in nature, Patrick will remain a Canadian landscape painter.

The fourth annual Tour of the Arts is also fast approaching.

It takes place July 31, and the five tour sites will highlight some stunning properties near Windermere and Fairmont. The tour will feature familiar and first time artists this year and promises to be a spectacular experience.

Tickets are available for purchase at Village Arts, Essentials, Pynelogs Cultural Centre, the Visitor Information centre, N’Deco in Radium, and Smoking Waters Café in Fairmont.

Montana Cameron

Pynelogs Staff