Strand's in Invermere is hosting its popular return act

Strand's in Invermere is hosting its popular return act

Bocephus King coming back to Strand’s

Tremendously popular folk-rock act returns for another show at local restaurant

Blues-folk rock act Bocephus King is returning to Invermere and will play at Strand’s Old House Restaurant in Invermere this week.

Mr. King played Strand’s earlier this year and is back again at the Invermere restaurant on Thursday, August 8th.

The Vancouverite, whose real name is James Perry, had taken an extensive break from songwriting — six years, during which time he became a father  — before releasing a new album earlier this year.

In an interview before his last Strand’s show, Mr. Perry told The Echo that the long gap between albums was a result of wanting songwriting to come naturally, rather than to force it.

“I didn’t want to make a record just to make a record,” he said at the time. “I waited for the songs and I dealt with a lot of stuff in my life that I hadn’t really dealt with up until that point — I was a dad.”

According to Strand’s owner Tony Wood, this show is Bocephus King’s fourth or fifth time at Strand’s and it’s a show not to be missed.

“He’s awesome. I think you really have to listen to his music to even be able to describe it,” said Mr. Wood. “He has a lot of different influence. There’s nobody else like him who comes through the valley.”

Strand’s had several patrons already book tables for the night as soon as they heard Mr. King was coming.

“He’s great for listening at the start of the show and then he winds people up as it goes and gets people dancing at the end,” said Mr. Wood.

Mr. Perry described his new album, Willie Dixon God Damn!, as inspired by and a tribute to the famous blues musician.

“The tunes are sort of talking about the spirit, if you will, of Willie Dixon and all of his accomplishments during his time,” Perry told The Echo in January. “He was touring around, a black man in southern United States, at a pretty crazy time, but he still managed to do so much. I figure he’s this really brave, interesting guy who came from really strange times.”

The August 8th show gets underway at Strand’s Old House Restaurant at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10.