Five jewellers descend on Artym Gallery

Yep. It’s winter. It is cold and grey, and just a little blah.

Yep. It’s winter. It is cold and grey, and just a little blah. Those bright blue cold winter days are still to come, the autumn colours have dulled and it is too early to head south. What you need is… a little sparkle! Call it bling if you like, adornment if you are feeling a little old-fashioned, or go for the tried and true, shiny! In a word: jewelry.

The history of jewelry is a long one — the oldest pieces are thought to be around 100,000 years old — and it is something that stretches across human cultures, both geographically and historically. Although originally used for trade, and to denote status, over time, and especially more recently, jewelry has become an art form. Because everyone is different, it only makes sense that the way that we adorn ourselves should be equally unique. Jewelry artists epitomize this theory — they create works that are infinitely special and different, with pieces that are comfortable, striking, unusual and, inevitably, beautiful.

On Saturday, November 10, the Artym Gallery is presenting a show that will for the first time feature five jewelry artists: Martin Ebbers, Margo Fearn, Dietje Hagedoorn, Bayot Heer and Susan Kun. These artists will be providing a plethora of beautiful new pieces for the show cases; their high quality original designs in gold and silver with a huge array of gemstones. In addition, Margo, Dietje and Bayot will be in attendance and available to custom design works from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet these gifted artists and appreciate their craft.

In addition, this show is featuring the work of painter Andrew Kiss. Fresh from his “plein-air” show in September, Kiss has a collection of new works, including studio pieces created from ‘Mountain Sketches’ at the Artym. His detailed paintings are exceptionally precise and glow with a sense of light that brings life and excitement to his paintings. Andrew will also be at the gallery between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

There is a little extra incentive to check out this show at the Artym on the long weekend — like you need another excuse to come! For every person who purchases an Andrew Kiss painting, or a piece of jewelry at this show, their name will be entered to win a draw.

Andrew has very generously donated a 14” x 18” painting, valued at $2,400. The exhibition continues all month, so you have until November 30 to be entered for this amazing piece. Good luck!

And if you need some tips about picking out that perfect piece of jewelry for yourself or that special someone? Look no further! Follow @ArtymGallery on Twitter to get helpful daily hints until the show… and since you are online anyways, check out — all the jewelry is now online as well as the new paintings by Andrew Kiss.

—Contributed by Deanna Berrington