A scene from Self Help presented by the Kimberley Summer Theatre

A scene from Self Help presented by the Kimberley Summer Theatre

Follow the yellow brick road

Kimberley Summer Theatre invites valley residents to experience Oz

With so much to do in the upper Columbia Valley, it’s hard to leave, but if you do decide to pull yourself away from the local summer fun, the perfect entertainment getaway is waiting for you in Kimberley. The Kimberley Summer Theatre is presenting its 14th season with two premieres. Self Help by playwright Norm Foster has been running since July 9th and ends Saturday, July 27th, and The Wizard of Oz starts Saturday, August 3rd and runs until the 14th at Kimberley’s McKim Theatre.

“Self Help has played to more than 600 people with some completely sold-out shows,” executive producer Tony James told The Valley Echo. “The response has been overwhelming, to be quite honest. The public is fully enjoying it, laughing throughout and having a blast through the show.”

Self Help is about a married couple, both theatre actors, who masquerade as nationally renowned self help gurus Hal and Cindy Savage. The couple try to hold on to their newfound stardom while trying to conceal a body and their falsely acquired fame.

“As for Oz, there’s lots of cool effects, pyrotechnics, great lighting, very colourful, vibrant sets and all that good stuff,” said Mr. James. “There will been some surprises and treats for the audience.”

Children of all ages will be swept away to the magical land of Oz with Dorothy Gale as she embarks on an enchanted adventure to the Land of Oz in hopes of finding her way home.

“I certainly expect it to do well,” said Mr. James. “It should be a great time and lots of fun; you can never go wrong with a timeless classic.”

The Kimberley Summer Theatre is a not-for-profit theatre organization with the goal of providing affordable and professional theatre for an international audience of all ages. Previous shows include Sweeney Todd, Spirit of the Sullivan, Beauty and the Beast, The Glass Slipper and Pirates. Since 1997, Kimberley Summer Theatre has employed more than 300 performers and production staff, produced more than 25 plays and performed before tens of thousands, making it one of the foremost summer theatre organizations in the country.

New this year is the implementation of their own box office, which means no open general admission — reservations are required and valley residents are encouraged to charge by phone.

“People have been very pleased with the new system,” said Mr. James.

For more information on tickets, special viewings or dinner theatre opportunities visit www.kimberleysummertheatre.ca or call 250-427-4080.