Jonn Einerssen's en plein air work

Jonn Einerssen's en plein air work

Going coastal inspires at Artym

“I think the most important thing is to realize that the act of painting is to communicate what you feel and want to say," says Jonn Einerssen.

“I think the most important thing is to realize that the act of painting is to communicate what you feel and want to say,” says Jonn Einerssen.

“I look at my paintings not as decoration but as windows to places people would like to escape to; if only for a few moments in our hectic lives.”

This Saturday, join artists Brent Heighton and Einerssen for an exhibition at the Artym Gallery entitled “West Coast Inspiration.”

The doors open at 10 a.m., with both artists in attendance for a demonstration and talk from 12 to 3 p.m. Join them again from 6 to 9 p.m. for an evening reception.

This show will be an exhibition of their ‘en plein air’ paintings that they created during a recent trip to Vancouver Island.

“I have always found painting outdoors to be the most difficult… but rewarding way to paint,” says Heighton.

The technique of creating a painting out doors, on location is called ‘en plein air’; a title coined by the French Impressionist painters that first utilized the technique. Later popularized by the famous Canadian Group of Seven, this technique takes confidence, a sure hand, and a great deal of experience to be successful. Einerssen adds “it requires a much more immediate and fresh approach to the subject… [it’s] the opportunity to put down on canvas (or attempt to) the great and ever-changing beauty of nature.”

Although Einerssen painted ‘en plein air’ earlier in his career, he has mainly focused on studio painting for the last little while. This trip has inspired him to revisit “painting on location.”

“It has been over five years since I have devoted this much time to it,” he adds.

This trip to the coast was refreshing for Heighton, and also rekindled his interest in painting ‘en plein air. ‘

“You really get in touch with your surroundings… all your senses are in play… that is something photos cannot give you,” he says.

Experience the inspiration of the West Coast with Jonn Einerssen and Brent Heighton this Saturday, October 22 (continuing until October 30). Don’t miss the chance to see these artists work and hear them speak about their pieces.

If an evening out is more your style, drop by the Artym for the evening reception. If you just can’t make it out, you can still see the new works online at