Hone your summer skills at Pynelogs

This summer, why not do something daring and out of the ordinary while getting in touch with your creative side?

I think most of us feel quite blessed to be able to spend our summers in such a beautiful place as the Columbia Valley, especially when the sun happens to be shining. However, even with all the many opportunities that summertime here has to offer, it is easy to fall into a rut and not take full advantage.

So this summer, why not do something daring and out of the ordinary while getting in touch with your creative side?  Pynelogs Art Gallery and Cultural Centre is hosting some truly awesome art workshops this summer that will appeal to a variety of interests, skill levels, age groups, and also provides a great opportunity to mix something new into your summer. The workshops being offered are diverse so there truly is something for everyone.

Maybe you love jewelry but can never seem to find something that is just right — well why not learn to make your own so that you’ll never have to settle? Check out Jessica Gowling’s workshop for shrink jewelry!

Feeling artistically inclined to get your hands a little dirty? Local potter Alice Hale is running a fantastic two-day workshop for raku at her Caraway Studio out on Westside Road.

Ready to take the plunge into the digital age? Then perhaps Norm Turner’s beginner digital photography class, or Sarah Frazier’s beginner digital film workshop is just the thing for you!  With their help you’ll be downloading your photographs onto your computer in no time and finally arranging all those hours of home video you haven’t had a clue what to do with.

Musically inclined? We’ve got you covered for that too.  Joanne Stacey is putting on a vocal workshop to improve anyone’s singing, as well as a songwriting workshop to allow you to express yourself in an entirely new way.

There will also be some quick-draw classes, an acrylic painting workshop, and a few classes that will tap into a craftier dimension of your artistic side.

For a full listing of the workshops being offered check out the posters around town, the CV Arts website, or phone Pynelogs at 250-342-4423 for more information.

I hope that this summer you take the time to do the things you love — whether that is soaking up some rays at the beach, spending time in your garden, enjoying some of the beautiful hikes around the valley, barbecuing outside with your friends, or finally finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read.

But do something extra nice for yourself and allow yourself to pursue a new interest and learn something about yourself — these workshops are a perfect place to start.

Montana Cameron

Pynelogs Staff