Susan Woolgar is one of several artists in Artym's 5th Mountain Sketches 'en plein air' painting excursion

Inspired by nature ‘en plein air’

Back by popular demand, the Artym Gallery is pleased to present the fifth show in the Mountain Sketches series.

Back by popular demand, the Artym Gallery is pleased to present the fifth show in the Mountain Sketches series. This exhibition showcases gallery artists coming to Invermere and painting local scenes and mountains on location. This year the Artym is pleased to welcome back Cameron Bird, Denise Lemaster and Susan Woolgar and delighted to bring in Andrew Kiss for the first time to the Mountain Sketches ‘en plein air’ painting trip!

This year the artists will awaken bright and early on Thursday  (September 20) and will meander down Highway 93, painting Castle Mountain and Mt. Verendre. That night they will return to Invermere and will discuss where they will paint the next day. On Friday (September 21) they will be staying a little closer to home and will paint one piece right around Invermere and another on the way to Panorama.

Saturday (September 22) is the day that these artists are happy to show off — meet all four of them at the Artym Gallery from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where they will be working hard to create at least one more local study for the show.

Meanwhile, the gallery will be displaying paintings the artists have created the two days prior, and showcasing other larger studio works by the same four artists; it gives you a chance to see how these ‘en plein air’ studies transform from intense, loose sketches to polished and clean full-sized paintings.

The Artym Gallery will be with the four artists the whole time they are painting, documenting the locations and the stages of each painting. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page (The Artym Gallery) and Twitter (follow us @ArtymGallery).

The results of the voting from the Top Secret Show are in!  Before we get to the big reveal, let’s recap; the winner who received the most votes would earn a coveted space full time in the Artym Gallery stable of artists. We were thrilled with the overwhelming success of the show. The twelve artists who were vying for the space in the Artym each had their own supporters and everyone got a share of the hundreds of votes that came in. Due to the huge response to the show, we were unable to offer this space to one artist; instead the Artym will be welcoming several new artists into the fold!

Because of the public’s enthusiasm, the Artym will be hosting a show featuring the winners and their new work sometime this winter. The Artym Gallery has already received applicants for next year’s Top Secret Show as well! If you are interested in seeing the rankings, please check out the Artym website at, follow us on Twitter (@ArtymGallery) or on Facebook. Congratulations to Steve Tracy, the top vote earner.

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