Jeweller Bayot Heer makes an appearance at Artym

August has gone by so quickly — we have reached the end of the Artym summer shows already!

August has gone by so quickly — we have reached the end of the Artym summer shows already! The final artist is world-renowned goldsmith and jeweller Bayot Heer. He will be at the gallery on Friday, August 29th for an evening reception from 5 to 8 p.m. The walls of the gallery will feature a little bit of everybody, so come see your favourites; also watch for a very special release of a few originals by Armand Vallée.

The jewelry of Bayot Heer is unmistakably architectural in design — the lines of each piece are carefully considered to be both beautiful to the eye and comfortable to wear.

The gems that he uses are from all over the world, and cut to perfectly set off the colour and individual details of each stone. He prizes stones that are unique, either in shape or colour, as these unusual stones create unusual jewelry.

The sculptural details of each piece make Bayot Heer’s work something that is, in essence, wearable art. Bayot strives to create pieces that are as individual as the person who will wear it.

To achieve this, he works in mostly 18k gold, either white, yellow or rose, and often uses a combination of two colours to create an unusual and versatile look. This approach has secured him a space in the respected publication Masters: Gemstones, Major Works  by Leading Jewellers featuring top jewelry artists from all over the world.

You can see everything on the web at This is an amazing opportunity to meet this world-renowned jewelry artist in person. Bayot Heer will be in attendance from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday evening for the opening reception.

This is a great weekend to stop by the gallery here in Invermere to see what the Artym team has selected to grace the walls, and to enjoy the last hurrah of the summer!