Off the beaten path with Willy Blizzard

Musician Willy Blizzard will be coming to Invermere. Read on to find out where and when.

Willy Blizzard is getting ready to come to and play at Strand’s Old House Restaurant in Invermere on April 22.

The band is made up of John Hough, Andrea Law  and Fran Madigan.

Their latest CD “In From the Cold” draws on classic themes of Canada including  the landscape, people and history.

“I would call it alternate roots, folk based with a bit of country flavour. We perform original material with influences from our past,” said Hough.

The show is part of a tour that will take the group through British Columbia and Alberta.

While on tour the group loves to go out into the areas and learn more about the history of the town and cities.

“We look forward to it. We did our first tour last summer and it gave us the chance to see things that we would not ever see unless we were doing a tour,” Hough said.

As part of this fun the group enjoys going off the main highways so they can experience parts of Canada they have never been to  before. During one of these trips the group went into a secondhand store that had a couple of guitars and a piano. This led to a memorable concert that had never been planned right in the middle of the shop.

After playing in this area before the group has wanted to return ever since.

“We love to relate to the audience as much as we can. The story telling base in what we might say to the audience gets them involved in the songs,” Hough said.

Now that the time to tour is drawing near Hough explained the group is getting more and more excited.

“This is an adventure and you always look forward to what is around the next corner,” he said.