Students shine at Art from the Heart

Students' artwork will be on display at Pynelogs once again for this year's Art from the Heart art show.

A small selection of displayed art from 2010's Art from the Heart event at Pynelogs Cultural Centre.

A small selection of displayed art from 2010's Art from the Heart event at Pynelogs Cultural Centre.

Once again this year the Pynelogs Cultural Centre will be hosting the Art from the Heart art show which will see the work of local students on display.

“All the students are in all five of our region’s elementary schools – Edgewater Elementary, Eileen Madson Primary, J. A. Laird Elementary, Martin Morigeau Elementary, and Edgewater Elementary. The estimated number of participants is between 500-600,” said Anne Jardine, who is a teacher, co-ordinator and curator of the show.

The art show will be happening this year from April 5 to 24 with the gallery open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. An artist opening event will be held on April 13 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The show takes months of hard work to come together, with students and volunteers working with each other to make it a reality.

“Students and teachers have been working to develop their projects over the past several weeks and months.  At J.A. Laird, a number of community artists have been enlisted to create a historical sampling of art styles through the decades. All the students at this school have been engaged in a year long thematic study involving music, world events, and ideas that dominated each time period. At the other schools, groups have worked in many other ways to integrate art activities into what they are studying.  Many of the art projects are the result of a whole series of lessons, and related activities. Documenting each student’s work requires the artists to think about their process and their finished product and communicate something of this in a special tag.  Gathering, and hanging the show takes about a week of intense work for me and a small group of teachers and helpers. Once the show is hung,  Jami and the staff at the gallery do lots of work welcoming visitors and school tours who come to view the show. At the end of the three-week run comes the sad task of peeling everything off the gallery walls and returning it to the schools, and that takes a couple more days. It is a huge show, with lots of details, lots of work, but well worth the effort,” Jardine said.

She went on to explain that this show is one of the ways that local children get to express themselves.

“All art is important.  It is a way we express our thoughts, our feelings, our very identities.  For the young, art is discovery, learning, and fun. Children are natural artists because they bring their curiosity and excitement into the creative process.  They are often bold and experimental in their approach, and that makes their art a joy to behold.”

Another local resident who has worked with some of the budding artists leading into the show is Deb Ede. Ede also sees this as a wonderful outlet for the children in the area.

“People who attend the art show will be amazed by the range of talent and the many different styles and mediums used to create art. It will be a feast for the eyes.

“The students I dealt with were all keen to try the techniques I talked about and were very free with colour. Although some were hesitant at first, in the end they were all proud of their finished pieces and look forward to exhibiting them in a gallery. In my opinion, art is a very important part of life, and each of us has the ability to create. It adds to our lives in so many ways, from participating in or enjoying visual and performing arts to problem-solving in school and the workplace,” Ede said.

Manager of Pynelogs, Jami Scheffer, said she was looking forward to the event and having all of the works of art at the centre. She also felt it was important to thank local sponsors for the show.

This year Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is the major sponsor, along with Mercer & Company, who are doing the framing of all auction pieces, and also the Rocky Mountain School District #6.

As for why people should come out to see the show, Jardine feels there are many good reasons to go.

“People who love art will enjoy the variety of media, styles, and subjects.  People who love children will appreciate the way the art reveals the minds and hearts of its makers.  And those who love the Pynelogs gallery will be astonished at how it can create a perfect setting for over 600 works of art. And of course, those who are parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbours of the artists will want to attend to support and encourage their young artists,” said Jardine.