Tea time at Pynelogs

As an avid tea drinker and collector of teapots, I couldn't really hide my excitement when I heard a “Teapot Series” would be coming to Pynelogs.

As an avid tea drinker and collector of teapots, I couldn’t really hide my excitement when I heard a “Teapot Series” would be coming to Pynelogs.

Long time valley potter Pauline Newhouse was issued a challenge for crafting teapots this year, and spent her winter working on them while perfecting a drip free pouring spout. She feels that her teapots should be artistically interesting, aesthetically pleasing, but also evoke emotional responses such as traditions, history, memories, comfort, warmth, and love.

Artist Paula Cravens joined Newhouse in her Teapot Series by doing a spin-off of her popular Avian Alphabet creations and making up a 26-letter Tea Alphabet series to compliment Pauline’s show. Cravens’ paintings were inspired by Newhouse’s teapots and are a wonderful addition to the exhibit.

Also joining the teapot collaboration is concrete artist Caio Paagman, who has crafted some beautiful concrete pieces to display the teapot series. Paagman will also be showcasing some of her other unique creations in the show, illustrating how diverse concrete can be.

These three tea collaborators are joined in this show by five other fabulous artists.

Samantha Millard loves painting and says she is even “addicted to it.” Her inspiration comes from many forms, and she often finds that it’s the little things that would generally go unnoticed or things that are taken for granted that can have a huge impact on her and therefore her artwork.

Metal artist Cajsa Fredin always knew she was an artist, but it was when she had the opportunity to work with metal that a medium really intrigued her. A BFA with a specialization in sculpture and welding courses later on allow her to pursue her interest in design, while having the ability to follow ideas in other artistic directions. Fredin and two friends opened up a gallery and studio space, and one of my favorite local spots — Black Star Studios.

After a career in the corporate world, Cheryl Goodwin found herself relocated to B.C. and was keen to take advantage of the beautiful vistas through the lens of her camera. She feels very blessed to be surrounded by the natural beauty of her surroundings and the wonderful people that she gets to share her “backyard” with.

Maureen Gagnon works mostly in encaustic painting, but also works with acrylics. Although life presents many inevitable changes, her passion for art has been a constant that she returns to, and much like an old friend, she finds she can pick up where she left off.

Bryn Stevenson fell in love with the vibrant colours, workability, and the thick viscosity of oil paint. He has a keen desire to capture the magnificence of mountains and he feels a natural affinity for painting them with a knife. Bryn tries to open up to his intuition as much as possible because he believes that is the channel for all creativity to flow.

This exciting show will run from August 9 to 21, with the artist opening taking place the evening of August 10 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Pynelogs. Call 250-342-4423 for more information.

Montana Cameron

Pynelogs Staff