Golden-based rockers Willhorse will visit Bud's Bar and Lounge on September 27.

Golden-based rockers Willhorse will visit Bud's Bar and Lounge on September 27.

Willhorse delivers original gritty sound

Band from Golden finishing up tour at Bud's before hitting the studio.

Coming to the end of a four-month tour, Golden-based rockers Willhorse will visit Invermere one last time on Thursday (September 27) at Bud’s Bar and Lounge before they hit the studio later this year, and guitarist Jeremy Borschneck is happy with the reception they’ve seen in the towns they’ve been visiting.

“It’s gone really good, we’re slowly kind of building a fan base in all these towns,” Borschneck said. “I guess the main idea of this summer tour was to leave our fingerprint.”

The four-man band has been together for about eight months although cousins Borschneck and bass player Todd Menzies have been playing together for much longer than that. Three of the members are originally from Saskatchewan with the fourth from Ontario and Borschneck said that since transplanting to British Columbia they’ve brought a little bit of that Saskatchewan flair with them.

“We’re a different sounding band than most indie bands that come through,” Borchneck said. “There’s a lot of bands coming through that are based out of Vancouver, and because three of us are based out of Saskatchewan, we sort of have a more Saskatchewan rock sound… it’s gritty old rock and roll.”

Borschneck describes the band as having a decidedly southern rock feel, and lists some of their influences as the Black Keys, Eric Clapton and Steve Earl. They perform almost entirely original content, much of which they plan to feature on their upcoming album, which they plan to record once the current tour concludes. Following 10 days in the studio, the band plans to have the album out by December and will tour extensively in support of the album shortly thereafter.

“This tour is more about letting people know who we are, so that once we release our CD we’ll have some people that are going to hopefully support that,” Borschneck said. “I think the motivation is the idea that maybe we can get to a level of success where we want to be, but just the music itself is our main motivation.”

For their show at Bud’s with opener Otter, Borschneck said they plan to deliver a high-energy performance and after a positive experience in Invermere earlier this year, are looking forward to returning.   Visit to hear their music.