Growing Your Greatness: Sowing your seeds of greatness

How is your winter garden growing? Have you been tending to it, watching it bloom and grow?

How is your winter garden growing? Have you been tending to it, watching it bloom and grow?How are you staying on top of the pests and invading weeds this year?You may be reading this and thinking “she must have the Columbia Valley mixed up with somewhere tropical.”This winter, we all have the opportunity to nurture our life gardens that dwell within each one of us.It’s that time of the year when many of us celebrate and reflect.Our hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation as we review the areas in our life gardens, such as our relationships, health, finances, spiritual and personal growth. We can’t help but learn from our journey and we can choose to be excited about what lies ahead.I have a gift for each and every one of you. Actually, you already have the gift within you. Your life garden is full of greatness and you have within you an unlimited supply of greatness seeds.You show up in your greatness every time you say a kind word,every time you encourage others to go after their dreams, every time you go after your own dreams, love unconditionally,leave a bigger tip, help out a friend or stranger, do something great for the environment, take risks, have adventures, feel peaceful, uplift others, make healthy choices, and the list goes on.Take a moment and ask yourself: how did I show up in my greatness this year? Every time you show up in your greatness, you are sowing seeds; you are inspiring others to have the wisdom to do the same.Would you not agree that our human and natural world could use a little more greatness? This is your year, your time, to step into your greatness each and every day. And when you do, you sow more seeds of greatness all around you. You know you are the master gardener of your own life. And this coming new year, let’s come together and nurture and grow our greatness together.

Elizabeth Shopland is a horticulturist for Homefront Essentials Gardening,a Certified Solution Focused Coach, author and speaker, and the owner of Banyan Tree Solutions. She can be reached at 250-342-8978 or