A permanent expression of pet love

Puppy Love, an event at Fire Vixen tattoos on February 12, is aimed at supporting the group Global Animal Lovers (GALs).

Pets are some of our closest companions, and most pet owners will jump on any opportunity to support local charities that help out their furry friends in their times of need. That’s why Puppy Love, an event at Fire Vixen tattoos on February 12 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. is aimed at supporting the group Global Animal Lovers (GALs).

“Anything that helps raise awareness for any issues in the community, it brings the community together,” Sarah Eastwick, organizer and owner of Fire Vixen said. “I think it brings out the best in people.”

For a minimum $80 donation, those that attend can get a small, preferably pet related tattoo, with 100 per cent of the proceeds heading to support GALs.

Eastwick says she had adopted two dogs from GALs herself, and as an animal lover in general wanted to get more involved with fundraising and other charitable activities.

There will also be a barbecue, a bake sale and hot chocolate for anyone who attends, and Eastwick says everyone is welcome.

“We welcome anyone from the community, if they want to bring their kids and have a cookie and a hot chocolate,” Eastwick said.

“Everyone is welcome to come and have a hot dog, we’re trying for a kind of party atmosphere.”

Those wishing to get a tattoo featuring their favourite little critter are encouraged to call the shop ahead of time at 250-342-8844, but Eastwick says that they will try and fit in as many walk-ins as they can as well.

“What the GALs do is a really great cause,” Eastwick said. “It’s for everyone who wants to come and have some fun.”

GALs is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to help curb pet populations by being involved with spay and neuter clinics on an international level, according to their website.

When able, GALs also takes in pets through requests from various shelters, and GALs members often serve as foster homes for pets until they can find a permanent one. For more information, visit globalanimallovers.com