Access to parking improved in Radium village

Radium Hot Springs council discussed development opportunities, parking regulations, and hear citizen concerns.

he Village of Radium Hot Springs council met Wednesday, July 20th to discuss development opportunities, parking regulations, and hear citizen concerns.

At the previous council meeting held on June 22nd, council discussed the issue of commercial vehicles parking on MainStreet East. The consensus was to make an amendment to Bylaw No. 423 that was adopted on January 13th, 2016.

The amendment to “Traffic and Parking Regulation Bylaw No.423” was approved by council at this most recent meeting. The amended section of the bylaw now reads: “No person shall park any commercial vehicle or combination of vehicle and trailer with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating exceeding 5,500 kg for a period longer than three (3) hours on any highway or street within the Village.”

The new amendment will allow citizens and visitors of the village more access to parking around local business. It allows for commercial vehicle drivers to be able to park and get dinner or shop at the local stores, but not park and stay overnight along the highway or streets.

Electric vehicle charging stations

The Community Energy Association is working to develop a region-wide electric vehicle charging strategy to bring af uelling change to the Kootenays. The initiative plans to create a network of charging stations, incentives for community engagement and build electronic vehicle supply and servicing.

The Village of Radium council has let the Community Energy Association know they’re interested in having electronic vehicle charging stations. The association has been working with the Regional Districts of East Kootenay, the Kootenay Boundary and Central Kootenay to develop this initiative. The project is looking for funding from the Federation of CanadianMunicipalities the application for funding has been financially supported by each of the three regional districts.

The project will kick off in the fall of 2016, running from October 2016 to December 2018 with two phases. The project will have level 2 stations that will be developed after the initial kick off, then level 3 stations which have a significant electrical requirement that requires more site prep. The level 3 stations will start to be installed in the spring of 2017 depending on funding.

So long, Husky

Residents and visitors of the Village of Radium Hot Springs will be seeing some changes to Main Street East as the Husky gas station transitions to an Esso station. Council approved a development permit to allow for the placement of backlit signage.

The development permit issued is for three specific signage changes as follows: one standard perimeter canopy sign, andtwo freestanding signs that will be refaced to Esso and Travel Centre. The existing signage will remain food store,restaurant, lotto will all stay on the building. One freestanding restaurant sign of a knife, fork, spoon and a perimeter signwill all remain backlit and unchanged.

The development permit states that if the permittee does not commence the development permitted by the permit within six months, the permit shall lapse. The new signage for the Esso received approval from the signage committee prior to thecouncil meeting.