An aerial shot of Baille Grhoman Avenue in the Village of Canal Flats displays an overview of a few properties on the street.

Backyard agriculture among property violations in Canal Flats

The Village of Canal Flats is taking action on properties that are out of compliance with local bylaws


The Village of Canal Flats is taking action on properties that are out of compliance with local bylaws, starting with one home on Baille Grohman Avenue that hosts derelict vehicles and makeshift buildings.

The property was given an order to comply with town bylaws which consider those items unsightly.

The property is also home to several chicken coops, which are in violation of zoning regulations, said Canal Flats chief administrative officer Brian Woodward.

An inspection from the bylaw officer is due this week.

“If they’re willing to be compliant, and they clean up their property, then they won’t be fined,” Mr. Woodward told The Echo. “If they refuse to clean up their property, they will be fined – we will issue approximately four to ten tickets.”

Should ticketing yield no results, Mr. Woodward said council’s policy is for staff members to introduce recommendations as to what the next step will be.

“The next step is to bring a recommendation to council for remedial action, and if they approve that, then they will summon the owner to a council meeting,” he said. “Council may determine a remedial action that they can then approve hiring a contractor and going into the property, cleaning it up as much as necessary and charging that against their property.”

It doesn’t look as though that will neccesarily be the outcome for the property in question.

Walter Brougham, the owner of the chickens on the property in violation, said in an email to The Echo that he’ll be selling his livestock, but hopes to amend the bylaw which prevents him from raising them on that lot.

“I inherited some old vehicles, five in total, and three have been removed,” he said. “I removed two old septic fields on my own accord.”

His neighbour, who has registered complaints about the property, said she understands that the matter is a slow process, but said it’s been a source of frustration for months.

“It’s yards like that that are giving the town of Canal Flats a bad name,” she said. “I can’t sit on my deck because of the stench coming from his backyard agriculture.”

Mr. Brougham said he accepts responsibility, and is in the process of meeting the town’s criteria.



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