BC Assessment tests new tool in Radium

BC Assessment has surveyed Radium with a camera-mounted van.


Evaluating properties has become much more efficient in Radium Hot Springs, where BC Assessment has surveyed the village with a camera-mounted van.

Comprehensive photos were taken by the innovative technology of 435 single family homes in Radium on Thursday, June 26th.

The van has successfully surveyed many regions of the province, and used Radium as its pilot project for the valley. The van produced imagery of properties in Radium. BC Assessment’s data bank will update its database of Radium properties, which will now contain more comprehensive info.

“When you are trying to map a town onto a piece of paper, you need certain points surveyed proper,” said Village of Radium Hot Springs chief financial officer Karen Sharp. “It basically gives you a visual aspect of the community.”

The data will include civic addresses, public utility locations, and the village’s geographical terrain. Information gathered will be shared between the Village of Radium and BC Assessment.

“As the Crown corporation responsible for accurately valuing all properties in B.C., we are always looking for innovative ways to provide more timely, accurate, equitable and fair assessments to all property owners,” said Scott Sitter, an assessor with BC Assessment.

Images depicting people on the property, private signage other than street addresses, or the inside of a residence — through either a door, window, or garage — will be altered or excluded from the database.